What is Plant Communication?


“The problem is that when we focus on only using the intellect with our herbal studies, without a doubt, the information is harder to retain, remember and embody.”

In the big wide world of herbal studies, there are a few big frustrations that I hear about over and over again:

People tell me they feel overwhelmed, overloaded with information that doesn’t connect and distracted from being able to follow through or settle into a useful routine with their home herbal studies.

Just in the past week I’ve received emails with these comments:

“I have an entire cupboard of herbs and supplements that I don’t completely understand and don’t follow through in using”

“There is so much to learn, memorizing it all keeps my head spinning, my head feels clogged with data and I feel scattered in my herbal learning”

“I’m already overloaded with the demands of daily life and am falling short on learning everything there is to do to keep my family well”


Ok, let’s go to bat with this whole overwhelm thing.

Want to know my tried and true approach for dealing with overwhelm, distraction, follow through burnout and feeling like you don’t ever know enough??

Relationship. Yep. Relationship.  

Not just, “Hey how ya doin’?” kind of relationship.

The deep kind of relationship where you REALLY connect.

I am talking about deep connected relationship with plants.

There has been an unfortunate trend in our education that applies to our herbal education as well.

I recognized the problem with this in my own herbal journey.

In my early years of studying herbs, I remember my brain burning trying to memorize everything. I wondered how people ever got organized, connected the dots and made sense of everything and figured I was doing something wrong or just didn’t have what it took…

I’d like to share what helped me overcome my obstacles to overwhelm and

help you feel more relaxed, settled and integrated with your herbal studies.

The problem is that when we focus on only using the intellect with our herbal studies, without a doubt, the information is harder to retain, remember and embody.

When you establish deep plant relationships first, it’s like creating the foundation or a nice cushy bed for everything else to land in.

The clinical studies, constituents, specific uses all have a place to land when you’ve got deep plant communication at the heart of your studies.

Even if you don’t quite understand what deep plant communication is yet, let me start by telling you that by accessing your innate human capacity to perceive, understand and implement direct communication from the plants, you will improve your retention rate, focus, follow through and confidence in working with your herbal medicines.

I’ve had lots of questions about just what exactly is plant communication and deep plant relationship.

So, I shot this video where I talk about direct plant communication and how it can bridge the gap in your home herbal studies so that you can feel nourished and rejuvenated instead of overwhelmed and overloaded.

You can watch the video here

Leave me a comment, let me know your thoughts about plant communication and what your’re struggling with the most in your herbal studies.

Best wishes,

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lani Yamasaki

Kami, your mission is invaluable! So excited you are sharing your medicine in this sacred teaching and path. What you share is so true regarding the personal transformation one experiences when activating your innate ability to communicate with plants. Truly itʻs magical, and certainly increases oneʻs ability to receive from plants myriad ways i.e. healing. Really appreciate you sharing “science” examples which prove the native intelligence of plants. I am excited for your course as it will be transformative and change the way we perceive and move in the world. Huge gratitude!

Katy Harrison

Thank you for sharing and spreading this message!