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...I learned a lot from The Herbal Kitchen and I’m keeping it in my
kitchen so I can refer to it often. I love this book!”

– Christiane Northrup, MD
Author of the New York Times Bestseller "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause"

The Herbal Kitchen

The Herbal Kitchen

50 Easy-to-Find Herbs and Over 250 Recipes to Bring Lasting Health to You and Your Family.
by Kami McBride

With over 250 recipes for herbal oils, vinegars, pestos, dressings, salts, cordials, syrups, smoothies and more, The Herbal Kitchen provides the information necessary to prepare, store, and use herbs, and create a long term healthcare plan.

"In The Herbal Kitchen sits the rich green heart of herbalism in all its abundance, simplicity and practicality. Medicines are made, recipes...."

~ Rosemary Gladstar

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You'll Love Learning...


Simple techniques to increase the nutritional quality of your food

Specific healing properties of 50 household herbs and spices

Why your spice cabinet is indispensable to the wellness of your family

How to make delicious seasonal healing teas

Tips on how to use herbs and spices to prevent sickness in your household

How to make healthy and delicious herbal appetizers

How to be more empowered in taking care of yourself naturally

What's Inside!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Kitchen Medicine and Culinary Culture

Chapter 2: Herbal Kitchen: Profile of Fifty Common Healing Herbs and Spices

Chapter 3: Herbal Waters

Chapter 4: Herbal Drinks

Chapter 5: Herbal Smoothies

Chapter 6: Herbal Honey

Chapter 7: Herbal Vinegar

Chapter 8: Herbal Cordials

Chapter 9: Herbal Oils

Chapter 10: Herbal Ghee

Chapter 11: Herbal Pesto

Chapter 12: Herbal Sprinkles and Salts

Chapter 13: Herbal Baths and Foot Soaks Herbal Resources

“These pages discuss many herbs and spices that you already
have in your kitchen. My hope is that you will be inspired to think
of your spice rack as more than a source of flavor. It is also a
medicine chest, full of healing remedies that can help you to
keep your family well.”

~ Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen

The Herbal Kitchen will help you to...

herbal oil

Protect your family from colds, flu and digestive upset

Make your own delicious spice blends

Save money by filling your pantry with homemade herbal remedies

Become confident in using herbs in your cooking to take care of your family’s health

Learn where to get high-quality ingredients for a variety of herbal recipes

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The Herbal Kitchen is a great gift for:

People who love to cook

Those who are just learning to cook

Anyone wanting to me healthier

‘Herbies’ (People who love herbs)


Moms wanting to understand how to keep their family healthy

Everyone has a spice rack. Some people just have black pepper and cinnamon while others have an entire cabinet of spices and spice combinations.

Many people just don’t know the extent of how to use the spices they have on hand.

the herbal kitchen book

The Herbal Kitchen will teach you how to really use your spice rack for health and wellness.

With over 250 recipes, The Herbal Kitchen will give you the confidence and knowledge to:

> Boost immunity
> Heal sickness
> Enhance energy
> Increase overall health and vitality

With tips and tools to help with colds, digestive problems, sleep challenges and other common ailments, The Herbal Kitchen will empower you to care of your health with simple remedies that you can grow in your yard or are found in your spice cabinet.

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Creating Your Herbal Kitchen is Simple and Fun

Using medicinal herbs doesn’t have to be foreign and difficult or take a year of college to obtain!

You can begin with the herbs you have on hand and already use in the kitchen.

Think of your spice rack as more than a source of flavor. It is also a medicine chest, full of healing remedies that can help you to keep your family well.

Herbs in the kitchen not only augment the flavor of what you eat, they support your overall health and wellness on a daily basis.

the herbal kitchen book

Whether you are a seasoned cook or just cutting your teeth in the kitchen, The Herbal Kitchen will transform how you think about using herbs and spices in your food.

Why is this important? Why do you absolutely want to become a great spice wielding cook?

You can start using your spices more effectively right now by understanding one simple thing about all the spices in your spice cabinet.

There is something that all the spices have in common that you can start applying to your meals today.

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, drinking smoothies or a steak and potato person.

When I ask the question, "What are the spices in your cabinet for?", you will most likely answer with the word.. flavor. You will say that spices are in your cabinet to flavor your food.

Well, that is true, they do add flavor. What they really do for us though is to help us digest food more efficiently. Your spice cabinet is full of herbs that increase your ability to digest your food.

The savory herbs such as rosemary, thyme and sage are digestive aids as well as all of the sweeter spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom.

Everyone has heard the saying “you are what you eat”, but actually “You are what you digest!”


Every day you rebuild new cells throughout your body
The quality of your everyday health and wellness
depends on how well you assimilate what you eat

Your digestive system breaks down food and provides basis for it to be absorbed into the body

These available nutrients are the building blocks for cell regeneration, healing and daily well being

Many body functions are influenced
by our digestive health

Half of the body’s nerve cells are located in the digestive tract

Every class of neurotransmitter found in the brain is also found in the digestive tract

Serotonin (the feel good hormone) is produced in the digestive tract

There is a high concentration of immune cells in the digestive tract

Learning how to use more spices more often increases your overall wellness by enhancing digestion!

the herbal kitchen book

Spice rack herbs:

> Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the digestive tract.

> Increase nutrient absorption rate.

> Reduce gas, bloating and constipation

When you improve your digestion you also relax more easily, sleep better, get fewer colds and have more energy at the end of the day.

Have more energy at the end of the day?

Yes, that is what I said. What is that worth? A lot.


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Praise For The Herbal Kitchen

"Recipes from The Herbal Kitchen are used every year by our Summergarden camp at Davis Waldorf School. The children love making special herbal drinks, learning about the healthy properties of each herb, and drinking their sweet concoctions during lunch every day!

Kami's book helps us teach children the importance of growing, harvesting and eating herbs daily. The recipes are easy to follow, healthy and yummy!"

~ Jennifer Tan, MA Summergarden Director and

I have witnessed Kami's self-cultivation as an herbal arts teacher; she has progressed, in my mind, to the stature of a visionary educator, one who thrives in her place in this world as a force for healing.

During a visit to Dry Creek Herb Farm, we went for a walk, and as we meandered, she shared about the many uses for the myriad herbs growing in our oak forest...not as a person visiting, but as one who is at one with the forest itself and in communication with the plants.

~ Mary Evans-Peterson, Dry Creek Herb Farm

“The Herbal Kitchen is a breath of fresh air and more. It is full of simple and convenient tips to transform 'weeds and waste' into exotic and nourishing culinary delights." 

Margaret Beeson, Naturopathic Physician and Director of the Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic

The Herbal Kitchen is a great book!I recently made the “Paprika-Garlic Salt” and the “Rosemary Pesto”, the directions were easy to follow and turned out perfectly.

I will be keeping “The Herbal Kitchen” on an easily accessed shelf in my kitchen; I can see myself reaching for this great resource over and over again.

~ Monica, Canada

“Be prepared for a whole new way of thinking about herbs-not just as hints of extra flavor-but as the zesty centerpiece to dozens of healthful recipes for teas, pesto, cordials, infused oils, vinegars and bath salts. 

Kami McBride resurrects traditional knowledge of herbs’ medicinal and culinary attributes for use in the modern kitchen. Her imaginative recipes for herbal drinks alone are a major contribution, offering a delicious array of alternatives for those looking to avoid sugary sodas”

Ann Veleisis, author of Kitchen Literacy: how we lost knowledge of where food comes from and why we need to get it back

"Pick up Kami Mc Bride's, The Herbal Kitchen. This is one of my favorite books for bringing fun, flavor, and health to your kitchen."

~ Deborah Beck, Willow Creek Herbs

“The Herbal Kitchen is the most extensive list of recipes using herbs you will find anywhere. Your food becomes your medicine, as it has always been, and through the gift of Kami McBride’s recipes, this ancient usage of herbs remains alive.”


-Pam Montgomery, author of Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness

“The Herbal Kitchen is a tremendous resource. Everything you ever wanted to know about the healing power of herbs and spices is nicely tucked within these pages. This is a must-have book for everyone’s kitchen!”

-Rebecca Katz, MS, author of The Longevity Kitchen

“Kami has an amazing gift with the plants. She teaches what our ancestors knew - and what we have forgotten. She reminds us of our connection to the earth and plants. Her passion and love for plant medicine is powerful. ”

Terre Cerridwyn, Cerridwyn Studios

"No kitchen is complete without the treasure trove of botanical wisdom found in this wonderful book!"

Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, nutritionist and author of Chakra Foods for Optimum Health

“Wondering what to do with the turmeric in the back of the cupboard? Make Turmeric Honey, a natural remedy for allergy symptoms. From allspice to vanilla, this volume provides a valuable resource for utilizing herbs in food or as natural remedies. VERDICT: McBride’s articulation of the health benefits of herbs is accessible, and the variety of recipes provides readers with many approaches to maximizing these benefits. " 

Meagan Storey, Virginia Beach

"Thanks, Kami, for keeping grandma's old-fashioned remedies and recipes alive with an easy, unintimidating plan for making herbs a part of everyday life"

Elise Marie Collins, Author of an A-Z Guide to Healing Foods