What Students are Saying…

Life-Changing Class

Kami, Thank you so much!! You have been such a huge part of my journey and inspiration for the work I do. Words will never express how life-changing and meaningful your classes have been to me, I truly appreciate all that you do and are as a woman. I am so passionate about getting this information out into the world to create change and affect the future!

Zsuzsi, Nevada

Powerful Message Learned

Thank you again Kami for all you do for the earth and everyone. It is powerful work you do.

Theresa, Pescadaro

Wise lessons learned

Thank you for your wisdom. I am grateful to have been your student and thank you for sharing from your heart. With much gratitude.

Rachel, Marin

Great knowledge gained

I am sharing this herbal knowledge and medicine with my family. I am so glad that this is your work. My life is so blessed by this, and the lives of those around me! Thank you.

Alexis, Sacramento

Great knowledge to pass on

I love the self-efficiency in being productive in my healthcare and body care. Developing a sense for what my body needs and being in sync with that. I can now educate my massage clients in their own body care and the fact that I can now use my knowledge and apply it to their skin. Thank you.

Brandi, Oakland

Fantastic must take class

If you are even a slight bit interested in herbs, healing, growth as a woman and deepening your connection to the earth…then you MUST take Kami’s classes!

Paula, Sacramento

Wise life-changing class

From the seeds of your wisdom came the sprouts that forever changed the landscape of our lives. Thank you again and again.

Tracey, Vacaville

Great lessons used everyday

It feels so good to have the ability to heal myself and my young family using simple food and plant wisdom. I love being able to go outside and find the medicine for a cough or allergies or fever and to pick flowers to help us sleep better.

Laura, Berkeley

Take this class!

I strongly encourage you to give yourself the gift of herbal knowledge. Herb class is not just an herb class, it is a life class. Learning from you has truly changed my life.

Kristen, Arcata

Positive learning experience

I have been inspired to communicate and befriend the plant spirits, welcoming their sacred medicine and wisdom into my home, body, and life. You are a great teacher, organized, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and clearly in love with your work. You make it easy to absorb all the information and I look forward to continuing to study with you.

Ali, San Francisco


This class helped me use herbs in my everyday life as food and medicine. It also helped me to see the spiritual connection between plants and their environment and my place in the total picture. It was a great place to meet other women who share my values and interests.

Maxine, Brentwood

Motivated to learn more

This has been an initiation into the deeply nourishing, enriching, empowering and healing ways of nature and her cycles. I feel deeply affirmed, motivated, and inspired in my continued growth and experience.

Marie, Sebastopol

Life changing class

This class has changed my life in immeasurable ways. It has awakened my spirit to the art of living and enhanced every aspect of my being.

Jade, Canbria, CA

Great Influential class

What a woman learns in this class is what has been lost and what we are all longing for. It is about coming back to what is real, what is really important in this life. This course has influenced my life on all levels.

Jennifer, San Francisco

Awesome class

Take this class. It rocks.

Diana, Ukiah

Great life lesson course

This course has not only ‘influenced my life’ but also actually realigned it. This has been much more than learning about the plants, I have learned not only about relating to the plants but to the entire natural world. You have been a tremendous inspiration to me. Thank you for doing what you do.

Natalie, Berkley

Nurturing learning enviroment

This class opened me in many ways I never would have imagined. I feel empowered to use the plants on a daily basis for healing. It was so wonderful to go to class and learn so much while feeling relaxed and nurtured. I loved the nurturing, relaxing, fulfilling and loving atmosphere in which we gathered and studied the plants. I loved all the hands on learning and great food we shared.

Janine, Santa Rosa

Awesome life lessons learned

Thank you so much, Kami! This course has been excellent for my life. I learned about caring for myself and I feel like I can finally do what I need to do to heal.

Christine, New Mexico

Class of awakening

This course has awakened my medicine woman ancestry. I feel much more alive and awake and I have learned to give thanks for the beauty and abundance all around.

Jennifer, Vallejo

Great course in healing

Thank you for passing on this incredible healing knowledge and for being the woman that you are. I will always remember your dedication and generous heart.

Zoe, Walnut Creek

Best medicine maker course

This class was so hands-on. It is so much easier than I thought and I am having such a great time continuing to learn and play with this new art in my life. I loved listening to the forest sounds as we made medicines together. My foundation as a medicine maker is solid. I feel very lucky to have participated in your class. Thank you for your wonderful work.

Diana, Marin County

Feel Empowered

This course influences every part of my life-what I eat, how I bathe, how I sleep, what I reach for when I am sick, the facets are endless….Most of all it has made me feel powerful and knowledgeable about the choices I make and how I live my life.

Linda, Menlo Park

Knowledge for the future

Gather together in a circle of women to re-commit yourself towards a truly holistic future

Stace, Mountain Ranch

Thank you

Your work is a blessing to all of us from the Mother. You, this class and this place have touched me in so many wonderful and healing ways. Thank you again for giving so generously of your knowledge, wisdom, and being-ness. Blessings and love to you.

Carla, Oakland

A Great Experience

You helped me find and trust more of myself.

Julie, Richmond

I am also grateful that you are doing the work you are doing, bringing remembrance to so many wabout how to connect to what is most important and shift the unhealthy patterns many live with. You are bringing wisdom to our lives.

With love and affection,
Taylor, Berkeley, CA

Reconnecting With Nature

I have a greater knowledge of my body and have learned to approach health from a balanced preventive perspective. I felt my heart reconnect to nature. It joined the intellectual connection I have had and reawakened the sensual connection I had as a child. It is quite humbling when you come into contact with the sacred. Thank you for being one of my teachers.

Carol, Marin

Great food, great lessons

I loved the wonderful food and great recipes!

Sharon, Half Moon Bay

Loved the class

Being in community with the women in the class has been a gift to me. I loved the herb walks, the singing, harvesting, making herbal crafts and all of the hands-on learning. This class has been so much more than learning about herbs, it has been about awakening a part of myself.

Lois, Fresno

Good teaching methods

This class has deepened my commitment to working with herbs and has increased my confidence. I appreciate your in-depth approach to teaching herbalism. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and respect shine through your work.

Karen, Los Gatos

More in touch

I have enjoyed a much more heightened awareness and am more in touch with the earth, plants, and the animals I share the planet with.

Cynthia, Vacaville

I send my heartfelt thanks to you for all of the work, intention, energy, and creation that went into this course. It has been a blessing.

With love and thanks,
Tamara, San Rafael, CA


This course has changed my life. I am becoming the person I used to be and evolving further into someone I want to be. The meditative and spiritual parts of this course have helped me integrate all aspects of my life.

Sue, Napa

Herbs, Medicine, Women, Community, and Self

This course is herbs and more, medicine and more, women, community and more. It is a coming together of self within life, and more.

Virginia, Martinez

A blessing and a gift

This course is about making healing connections and integrating knowledge into your life. This class is about transformation, the art of transformation and our world. I loved all of the body systems lectures but aspect of this course brought the learning into my body. This class met needs I didn’t know I had; it was a blessing and a gift.

Sarah, San Francisco


This class has brought joy into my life and helped me to discover my self worth.

Kerrie, Vacaville

Thank you for your class. I grew so much personally as well as with my herbal knowledge. Thank you for all that you passed along. You are a wonderful teacher.

Alison, Sonoma, CA

Thank you so much!

This course has brought me back to myself and vitalized my life force.

Tracey, Vacaville

Excellent Experience

Thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge, love, caring, nurturing and awareness you have passed on to me.

Emily, Los Gatos

Wonderful teaching

I really miss class, I grew so much personally as well as with my herbal knowledge. Thank you for all that you passed along. You are a wonderful teacher.

Janet, Sonoma

Healing and Inspiring

This course has been tremendously healing and inspiring. It has reinforced my ideas that I can use my awakening intuition to heal myself and have the courage to continue on my journey of uncharted paths.

Erin, Davis

What a gift!

This class has been so full and meaningful, beyond anything I imagined. This course is an integrative approach to weaving the benefits, wisdom and pleasure of herbs into our daily lives. This class has been a gift!

Mary, Davis

Thank you!

This course has changed my entire life. I did not expect to learn so much on such a broad spectrum of subjects. I wish I had taken this course when I was younger so my children could have benefited from the health and herbal information that Kami teaches. On the other hand, at 59 years old, I am thrilled I have taken this course, hoping to stave off all the medications so many women my age are already on. Thank you Kami for teaching this call from your heat.

Pat, Winters

Amazing course

I make healthier food choices, I breathe more consciously , I have a deeper relationship with many plants, I make medicines for myself and others. This course was one of the most nourishing, healing and fun things I have ever done for myself. Thanks for your love of the plants, your passion and experience.

Lora, Oakland

You are a gifted teacher!

I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful year of learning and developing relationships with the plants.

Marcy, San Anselmo, CA

Kami, I can’t thank you enough for the profound influence you have hadin bringing out the wonderful, knowledgeable herbal woman in me. You said that your class would change my life, well, no kidding!!

Janine, Marin County, CA

Thank you for holding a space for women’s strength, comfort and well-being. What you create is what most of the world is hungry for without even knowing it.

Christina, CT