If you already use olive oil in your food, why not add the extra therapeutic benefit of infusing your olive oil with herbs? Do you

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“Come follow along and we’ll mix up an awesome curry blend and then turn it into some even awesomer (is that a word?) medicine that

“Turmeric gives the energy of the divine mother and grants prosperity.” -Dr. Ladd For many years’ the turmeric lay dormant in my cabinet in the

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Do you use turmeric? You probably do, especially with all the delicious golden milk recipes out there now. Even google has a report about the

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“It’s true there are 100 ways to make turmeric milk.” I don’t think I’ve seen one recipe that is exactly the same. That’s right, herbalism

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This little video will give you a quick tool to help with all kinds of mucus (I know, I love this topic!) I’ve taught this

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