Family, friends and feasts, this is the perfect time to share some Christmas Tea with your loved ones. Do you know what people love about

Christmas Tree Herbal Tea

Did you know that many of the evergreen trees have healing medicinal qualities?

Decorating the Christmas tree is an ancient tradition from a time when various trees and plants were honored during different seasons.

In northern Europe the evergreen tree is celebrated at around the time of winter solstice.

The festivities of decorating and dancing around the evergreen tree were held in the deep of winter when there was very little plant life and the ground seemed like it would never thaw out.

Healing Holiday Spices in a Basket

With the holidays fast approaching pumpkin pie and spiced lattes are on the horizon.

Holiday meals call for more spices in our food.

Whether adding nutmeg to Eggnog or cinnamon to family tradition cookies, this is truly the time of year when we reach into the spice cabinet a little more often.