Stop the Bleeding

Ok, I hope you don’t ever need to use this home remedy, but if you do, well, it’s a good one to know about.

This is Gabriel. He likes to climb trees, tinker with things, fix things, ride horses, ride his bike really fast, read Calvin and Hobbs and cook!

He was fixing his bike, spinning the wheel around really quickly and his finger got caught in the disk break. OUCH.

He runs into the house, “Mommmmmmmmmmm!”

Blood everywhere. I can’t see how bad it is…. Let’s go to the sink………

I run tepid water on his finger for a minute and just let it bleed, with the room temperature water running gently on his middle finger.

Ok, it looks kind of bad, part of his finger is missing, the bleeding doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon and Gabriel is screaming. I need to stop the bleeding and get him settled down if we are going to get to the ER to stitch this mess up.


I have him lift his finger up and start pouring cayenne pepper on the finger. I just keep pouring on the cayenne pepper, it took about ½ cup. Then the blood stops. Presto, the bleeding stops. Whew.

I must confess, over the years, I have helped many people with this remedy with simple knife cuts while cutting veggies in the kitchen, so I really trust the remedy.

However, I haven’t ever used cayenne on this big of a wound. When I first started pouring the cayenne pepper on Gabriel’s mangled finger, I thought, “I hope this works ……..”

Ok, the really amazing thing about this remedy is that it also helps reduce the pain. I know. Hard to believe, but it does. So now, Gabriel is sitting down, no blood, not as much pain, but it’s clear that he needs stitches.

Dad holds him and starts telling Gabriel about when he was just about Gabriel’s age, how he broke his nose…….. 8 stitches later, well, this week is going to be a little different than we thought.

Now, the biggest precaution I want you to really hear me on is this: with all the chaos and high stress that comes with a bleeding finger, well you just start to forget that you have cayenne pepper on your hands.

If anyone involved even slightly rubs their eyes, well, let’s just say it is very painful to have cayenne pepper in your eyes….

Make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly and no hands in your eyes!

So Gabriel has been kind of lying around all week and is on the mend. No riding horses for a while…..

There you have it. Cayenne pepper. Hemostat superstar. It stops the bleeding and reduces pain, not of just minor cuts, but lacerations, which are deep cuts that have gone into the fat tissue….

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Thank you for posting this experience, Kami. I have heard that it is great for quick clotting. It’s good to hear that it worked well for you and your son! Did you irrigate the wound to remove the cayenne before heading to the ER. Just wondering if the medical establishment raised an eyebrow or two at this awesome unconventional treatment. 😉 I hope your son gets back up in the saddle super soon. ~Blessings


Native American’s used to use spiderwebs and puffball mushroom spores for the same purpose. Something handy to remember if you’re far from other aids. Also honey on a wound will keep it from infection.


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Deborah Fradelizio
My husband cut his finger yesterday, the knife he was chopping with took off a slice of his index finger and he was having trouble getting the bleeding to stop. I remembered this blog and reread it, then I poured cayenne pepper on the wound, it really burned, after 5 minutes he could not take it any longer and rinsed off, it still hurt for a few more minutes, but the interesting thing was that the wound was catheterized and healed over. It looked like a cut after 2 days of healing. Though he was pretty amazed, I doubt he… Read more »
Just this week I sliced off the tip of my thumb with a kitchen mandolin. Ouch! I learned from another herbalist that yarrow stops bleeding instantly. I had some dried yarrow on hand; I quickly stripped off the leaves and packed them into the wound and wrapped a paper towel over the thumb to hold the yarrow in place. Much to my surprise, the bleeding stopped right away and so did the pain. The wound is nearly healed. I picked more yarrow today to have on hand. I plan to pulverize the leaves into a ready-to-use powder AND order myself… Read more »

I too did the same thing earlier last fall. I was slicing carrots on my mandolin, when I caught the tip of my finger. I grabbed some powdered yarrow I had made a couple months before, and yep like you, it stopped the bleeding, and it healed really fast. Never even got sore like most cuts do. I was so glad I had picked some. Mine was wild yarrow. I plan to get more this coming summer.


I have used this on humans and goats. A really old time remedy if cayenne is not available are spider webs. It does the same thing.

Louisa Nickel

Amazing! I have never heard of this. Thanks so much for sharing. I am sure a cayenne covered finger was something new for the ER staff 😉

Hi. Thank you for sharing this. My son was helping me in the kitchen and he sliced the end of his finger off. I had just finished a course that gave the same advice as yourself and I poured it onto his finger. Immediately he said the pain increased 10 fold. He couldn’t bear it and had to wash it off. I was so disappointed and thought I must have got it wrong. Maybe I didn’t put enough on. Do you have any suggestions? His finger has healed really well now. I love your site and learn so much. Thank… Read more »

Cayenne worked on my dog’s too short dewclaw when the blood stop powder for that purpose did not.

Janice Brooks

Yes, I understand how it feels! Just a while back I sliced my thumb. It was a deep cut that requires at least two to three stiches and it bled a lot. However, cayenne pepper was on board and stopped the bleeding. How blessed we are to have these seasonings and/or botanical plants in our homes for emergency cases. I am so glad he is better!

Teresa Fischer

I’ve used cayenne for a long time to stop bleeding on my kids, my animals, and myself. It stung briefly when I used it on myself, but always stopped the bleeding.