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Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use

By: Rosemary Gladstar

This book gives traditional Anyurvedic remedies including teas, essential oils, meditations, yoga postures and breathing techniques to treat over 100 common ailments that are listed alphabetically. Sometimes you find just the right tip that makes the difference in your healing process.

The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

By: Vasant Lad

This book gives traditional Anyurvedic remedies including teas, essential oils, meditations, yoga postures and breathing techniques to treat over 100 common ailments that are listed alphabetically. Sometimes you find just the right tip that makes the difference in your healing process.

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

By: Robin Wall Kimmerer

I love this book. Robin Wall Kimmerer has written so beautifully what i have felt in my heart for years. She gives us true insight of how to transform our culture into one that honors and respects the gifts of the earth. I wept many times as I read this book. This is now on my required reading list for my students.

A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

From Harmony

This low-carb diet book is geared towards diabetics. An engineer by training, Bernstein pioneered blood glucose self-monitoring and the tight control of blood sugar that is now accepted as the standard treatment of diabetes.

Common Herbs for Natural Health (Herbals of Our Foremothers)

By: Juliette de Bairacli Levy

One of my first herb books, I love the stories, lore and uses of the 200 plants that Juliette discusses. Full of in-depth, hands-on personal information and recipes for cosmetic, culinary and medical uses.

The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal: A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and using Herbal Remedies

By: David Hoffman

The first half of this book is a guide to holistic approaches for each body system and which herbs to use for digestion, immunity, cardiovascular health and so on. Then herbs are listed alphabetically with indications, contraindications and best methods for taking a particular herb along with dosage guidelines. A very useful herb book for your reference library.

The Herbal Kitchen Cover

The Herbal Kitchen

By: Kami McBride

I really do love the Herbal Kitchen. The 250+recipes hold a special place in my heart as they emerged in my years of teaching Cultivating the Herbal Medicine Woman Within. The pesto, oil, vinegar, tea and cordial recipes are alive, Filled with the comradary of all the women who made their way to herb class to heal themselves and eachother. Let the years of our singing, dancing, crying and laughter fill your kitchen with delicious and nutritious herbal concoctions!

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

By: Mechthild Scheffer

One of my favorite books on Bach Flower Essences. Scheffer covers the history and philosophy of Bach Flower Remedies and discusses each of the remedies in depth. Beautiful pictures of each flower remedy and hands-on descriptions of how they can be used in your daily life. The extensive clinical practice of the author makes this book very useful for anyone interested in doing healing work with Bach flower Remedies.

Green Pharmacy: The History and Evolution of Western Herbal Medicine

By: Barbara Griggs

Not the easiest book to read in the world, but it is required reading for my students. It is a definitive study of the history of western herbal medicine. Find out how George Washington really died. Understand the history of using mercury in medicine and why we still use it. Look at the competitive roots between complimentary medicine and the campaigns to eliminate holistic medicine in mainstream practice. This book provides a foundation for understanding why we are where we are today.

Herbal Healing For Women

By: Rosemary Gladstar

An herbal classic, full of recipes, stories and hands-on remedies for the different cycles of a woman’s life. Hundreds of herbal remedies are described in detail to support adolescence, pregnancy, childbirth, the menstrual years and menopause.

The Herbal Home Spa: Naturally Refreshing Wraps, Rubs, Lotions, Masks, Oils, and Scrubs

By: Greta Breedlove

Shampoos, conditioners, facial steams, creams, body wraps, hand, foot eye and nail treatments, lotions, flower waters and more…….

The Herbal Menopause Book: Herbs, Nutrition and Other Natural Therapies

By: Amanda M. Crawford

This book is full of great herbal recipes to support and nourish a woman through menopause. If you are interested in using herbs to support your menopause transition, this is a good book.

Herbs for Natural Beauty

By: Rosemary Gladstar

A small book packed full of recipes based on her years of personal experience in formulating skin care products. I have made the lotion recipe in this book for almost 20 years and have saved myself thousands and thousands of dollars in not having to buy any cream or lotion for my face or body.

Herbs for Natural Beauty (Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Remedies)

Herbs for Pets

By: Gregory L. Tilford

This is a great book introducing you to how to use herbal medicines in the daily care of your animals. They discuss the connection between herbs and diet and give guidelines for feeding dogs and cats. The bulk of the book is a 191-page guide to herbs for animals.

Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions

By: Donna Maria

One of my favorite aspects of working with herbs is the pleasure of making and using my own skin products. This book is full of wonderful recipes for creams, scrubs, lip balm, moisturizes and more. The author discusses each ingredient individually and then unleashes more than 100 wonderful recipes for your radiant health!

Making Plant Medicine

By: Richo Cech

If you are interested in making your own herbal medicine there are lots of great suggestions in this book. The uses, dosage and contraindications of about 100 herbs are described. This book is written from his personal experience which is the best kind of herb book.

Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West

By: Michael Moore

All of Michael Moores’ books are great including this one. What sets his work apart from others is the fact that he has personally spent time with all of these plants in their wild habitat. His stories are funny and there is herbal lore here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West

By: Michael Moore

This was the first herb book I ever purchased. I found it in a used book store and continue to refer to it on a regular basis. I studied with Michael Moore and am very grateful for the wealth of his knowledge and his influence in my life.

Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West

By: Michael Moore

This book is several times taped together and still falling apart on my shelf. This means I use it alot.

The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook

By: Allan Keith Tillotson Ph. D. A.H.G. D.Ay

I like this very comprehensive herb book because it combines information about Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal approaches to healing. Organized by body systems there are complimentary treatments described for over 100 ailments. The material medica section is also useful. What I really enjoy is reading about a treatment protocol that incorporates all three of these herbal traditions.

Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs

By: Gail Faith Edwards

This is a lovely herb book with descriptions of how to use over 100 herbs along with a special section on medicinal trees. Medicine making, plant lore, stories, good herbal recipes, healing ceremonies and most important her extensive personal experience in being with the plants will enlighten your herbal study. This is a good herb book definitely written from the heart.

Planting the Future: Saving Our Medicinal herbs

By: Rosemary Gladstar, Pamela Hirsch

A wealth of essays from leading herbal visionaries. Native plant cultivation and preservation, nursery resources and an extensive A-Z listing of herbs and their uses along with cultivation guidelines. How can we practice herbal medicine in a sustainable and responsible manner?

Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy

By: Simon Mills MCPP FNIMH MA, Kerry Bone MCPP FNHAA FNIMH DipPhyto Bsc(Hons)

An in depth guideline for the use of western herbal medicine in a modern clinical practice. The clinical uses of 45 medicinal herbs are researched and described in detail. If you like science, clinical trials and annotated research, this is the book for you. I refer to this book in my herbal practice and think that it is very well laid out and easy to use for the practitioner and lay person alike.

Women, Hormones, & Menstrual Cycle: Herbal & Medical Solutions from Adolescence to Menopause

By: Ruth Trickey

Written by a midwife and naturopath, this book gives you in-depth information backed by personal experience on nutrition, herbs and conventional treatment for a wide range of gynecological possibilities. She gives clear guidelines for how to go about treating menstrual disorders within a holistic context and also helps you understand when drug and surgical treatment may be necessary. This is one of the most in dept books written on natural healing for the menstrual cycle and maintaining hormonal balance.

The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine

By: David Frawley, Vasant Lad

Another one of my torn and tattered first herb books. One of the few books that gives energetic and constitutional considerations for western herbs. This is useful book for the western herbalist wanting to apply Ayurvedic principles to their work. It contains an extensive material medica, lots of ayurvedic medicine making and healing techniques and Dr. Ladd always adds such a magical spiritual component that I love.

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing

By: Barbara Brennan

I like the drawings in this book that outline how the energy body looks and works.
This is a good introduction and overview for understanding the subtle energy body and how to work with it in a healing way.

Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Bodycare for Every Body

By: Dina Falconi

Love your body with the luscious body care products that you can easily make in this book. Delicious recipes for hair, scalp, nails, lips, teeth, feet, hands, eyes and skin. Recipes for men, women, elders and teens to help you feel your best. Using herbs on your body is fun and it is also a wonderful form of preventive personal care.

Kids Herb Book, For Children of All Ages

By: Lesley Tierra

This book is beautifully illustrated and full of songs, stories and magical potions. Herbal party gifts and crafts, candied flowers, ginger cookies and tasty drinks are just a few of the ways to have fun while using herbs. Find an activity for small children or use this as curriculum for grade and middle school kids.