Plantain: Nature’s Band-Aid

Plantain Natures Band Aid

Have you seen this weed? Of course you have.

In the park, the lawn, growing between cracks in the asphalt, on the side of the road, the parking lot, you name it. This plant grows just about everywhere.

Sometimes it is confusing because plantain takes on many forms. You will find it growing with teeny one inch leaves when it doesn’t get much water. Then there is the lavishly watered plantain in my garden that has leaves a foot long.

There are two main plantain varieties that grow all around us. Plantago lanceolata has lance-like leaves and plantago major has large, rounded oval leaves. Remember, it is important to have 125% accurate identification of the plants you are using!

I know this wonderful healing plant is growing somewhere near you. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I learned what a useful plant this is even though it had been around me my entire childhood.

Teach your children about this plant now! It is one of the best remedies for bee stings!

Once my son was playing with several children on a lawn. The oldest boy in the group got stung by a bee and started screaming and crying. Gabriel ran and found plantain and helped the boy make a compress and put it on the sting.

The boy stopped crying.

First of all, the kids were a little shocked at how the oldest among them was crying so hard and then they were dumbfounded when he stopped crying instantly by using this green mush.

When all the parents came to pick the children up, the story was repeated over and over and the children informed all the parents that they had to get this plant growing in their yard.

Scroll down and check out the video below about this super useful healing plant and how I like to use it.



Having trouble with this video? Watch it on YouTube instead.

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Hello I’m Kami, Welcome to Living Awareness!

I believe every family needs to have someone on board with a working knowledge of natural remedies if you want to take care of your family’s health for real.

When I was growing up, natural remedies was not a mainstream concept like it is now, in fact, you are going to be surprised that I never even heard the word natural remedy until I moved out of the house!

In my early 20’s I met someone by chance that told me about holistic health and herbal medicine. I wondered why nobody had talked to me about it before and had a voracious appetite to learn everything I could.

Now, 30 years later I've helped thousands of people demystify the world of herbal medicine and become empowered in using herbal self-care in their home to prevent illness, take care of common ailments and protect their health naturally.

For 20 years I've had a clinical herbal practice connecting people with plants and their wellness. I've developed and taught herbal curriculum for UCSF School of Nursing and the Integral Health Master’s Degree Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Stick with me! You’ll learn awesome herbal self-care, get inspired to be more self-sufficient in your health care and nourish a deep love for the herbs and how to use them, knowing you are doing the very best you can to care for your wellness.

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Sheryl Shook

Dear Kami, aloha ~ What a treat to watch your helpful plantain video. And I was delighted to see your beautiful, capable hands again and lovely you! Brought back sweet memories of growth and learning in your classes. Your website is fantastic – thank you for sharing your wisdom, helping all of us to heal. Blessings, Sheryl


Lovely video! During our homeschooling botany walks, my 11 year-old often finds plantain. It seems to grow everywhere! We made a plantain poultice once when I cut my finger visiting a farm. The cut healed up quickly!


Hey Kami,
Nice Video, almost as nice as being in one of your classes! You look glowing in your element.


Thanks Kami,
Thanks Kami as always for your informative emails. Plantain is amazing. In the past
I had to come to the aid of a young man on a Butterfly Garden tour that got into Stinging
Nettle….Plantain worked its miracle on the stings and the tour was able to go forward.



I am always so inspired by your teachings and it is extra fun to get to see you in video! Can’t wait to take MY son out and try to find this plant!

lisa M

That is fabulous that your son knows so much about plants! Glad he could help his friend!

Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! I hope you’ll link up again this week!



Thoroughly enjoyed learning about plantain. hope to learn more.


[…] Plantain – Nature’s Herbal Band-aid [Video] […]


[…] Plantain – Nature’s Herbal Band-Aid [Video] […]

Deborah Fradelizio

Kamie, Thank you for sharing your knowledge of plantain. My husband who is a farmer and heritage hog rancher is constantly getting cuts and scratches which have a tendency to get infected. I now have him hooked on plantain poultices. It is such a great home remedy that is easy to find and use. Plantain is a much loved first aid remedy with all my family and friends. 🙂 Debbie

Karen Barkman

I once used this at a Sundance where someone was dancing in bare feet. The bottoms of her feet were literally covered in needles. I wrapped both feet in a poultice and covered everything with a thick sock. In the morning her feet were completely free of the needles and she had no pain.