Plant Communication and Bridging the Gap in Your Herbal Learning

“I’ve helped more than 1000 of my students clear out the cobwebs, deconstruct the cultural premise that says this isn’t real and helped them successfully activate this essential foundation for full spectrum herbal learning.”

If you are reading this blog, I’ll be that you like plants, that you enjoy the herbs and spices you use and are spending some time on learning the art of home herbalism to help keep yourself and those you love healthier.

What if I told you that there was another dimension of studying herbs that could make your herbal learning experience even richer, more rewarding and even accelerate your herbal learning?

What I’ve noticed is there’s been kind of a dumming down in our education process in general.

We’re not using full range of our brain and human capacities and for the most part, this applies to our herbal studies as well.

So the thing is, not everything the plants do has been written down. The plants are evolving just like we are.

It is up to us to keep our herbal studies relevant and in present time through deep communication with the plants themselves and learning how to listen to the plants as direct teachers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my herb books, all of them and all my herb classes and teachers, just wow big gratitude to everyone who provided the bridge for us to be where we are with our studies…

AND there is another level of wisdom that we can access directly from the plants that doesn’t involve books.

Bottom line is, When you limit your herbal studies to only learning from books and classes and don’t open the door to learning directly from the plants about how they can help you then you don’t access the full potential of the healing power of the plants.

In my herbal learning, I work on direct plant relationship and then what happens is so amazing, then the reading and study learning comes easier.

It’s like the personalized relationship and experience with the plants gives all the data a place to land.

I don’t have a deep relationship with all the herbs I use, can’t be friends with everyone, but you want to feel really grounded in a few good plant relationships, like your people, got your core inner circle.

I remember when I was studying herbal medicine, 400 plants with Michael Moore at the southwest school of botanical medicine.

At that time I had already had 5 years of study of developing my direct perception tools. Thank goodness, because it gave me another avenue of learning besides memorization!!

I found the amount of information there was to learn only slightly daunting. So using direct plant communication techniques helped personalize the whole process and helped me to know what was right for me.

For me the direct perception techniques and herbal studies were just the perfect match.

I so much wanted these two passions of mine, direct perception of my environment and my herbal studies to be brought together, and when my massage clients many long years ago, drafted me into teaching herb classes at the Berkeley Massage and Self-Healing Center, I had this intention in mind.

And now, after almost 30 years of teaching herb classes that have always held a component of Direct plant communication, what has happened is, I’ve gotten really good at being able to track my students in THEIR process of connecting with plants.

Over the years, I was able to see patterns and trends in what held people back and what really supported them in being able to open their channels of perception so they could feel confident in the communication they received.

In my online course, Plant Wisdom: Activate Your Plant communication skills I can help you activate your own unique way of connecting and communicating with the plants so you can receive personal, relevant guidance and healing that is specific to your life and your unique situation.

One of the big things I’ve noticed over the years is that bridging this gap in our herbal studies of going beyond intellect and book learning, what it does is help people feel more confident and relaxed in their herbal studies.

Having plant communication integrated into your herbal learning style, what happens is you can feel more satisfied and settled with the relationships that you do have and then you don’t have that nagging feeling of I need to know this and more of that, and instead of feeling distracted by what you don’t know yet, you feel happy with the depth and the relationship with what you do know.

I’ve helped more than 1000 of my students clear out the cobwebs, deconstruct the cultural premise that says this isn’t real and helped them successfully activate this essential foundation for full spectrum herbal learning.

You don’t need to have any special gifts, don’t have to be some great meditation guru or need any previous experience.

The nice thing is, you can develop this skill anywhere in nature or a garden, but I also have lots of students that have nurtured their plant communication abilities that live in the city in apartment buildings.

And all levels of herbal dabbling welcome. I have helped all kinds of people with this, anyone from any walk of life can gain confidence in speaking the language of the plants.

There are specific techniques to help deepen our seeing, listening, feeling and knowing, basically open the lines of communication, help us awaken these channels of perception so we can learn directly from the plants, so the plants themselves can become our teachers.

And here’s the thing, when you’ve got deep plant communication at the heart of your studies, you don’t have to rely on memorization, you’ve got an embodied, experiential relationship that provides a container for the facts to stick.

All of the constituent information, actions, functions specific uses have a foundation to land in and it all feels more cohesive

You can discover your unique style of how you create deep relationships with the plants and the techniques you need to perceive, translate and apply communication from the plants.

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