Pineapple Sage on Your Plate

edible pineapple sage

I love my hedge of pineapple sage.

It blooms in December and brings the beautiful red throated hummingbirds to my porch each day.

The deep healing red that fills my yard is so nurturing and inspiring. I love having these vibrant red flowers greet me each day as I open the front door.

I leave lots of flowers on the plant for the hummingbirds, and I also love to pick the flowers to decorate my food with. I put the flowers in my water pitcher and drink them. I love having edible flowers floating in my water.

I sprinkle fresh pineapple sage flowers all over salads. Put the salad dressing on your salad first and then put several tablespoons of pineapple sage flowers on your salad just before eating it. If you put the flowers into the salad before the salad dressing, they become mush. The one and only time I did this, I was so upset, they turned into little globby red balls.

When added fresh to your food just before eating, these flowers have a mild fruity flavor and add an explosion of color to your food.

I put them on rice, tacos, salads, vegetables and yogurt. It is also really nice to have a bowl of fresh pineapple sage flowers on the table and once you have all the food on your plate then sprinkle the flowers like confetti all over your plate.

People are always so enamored when their food is decorated with flowers. Pineapple sage flowers also go really well with desserts and smoothies. Decorate your food!

Not all sage flowers are edible, so as always with eating plants, make sure you have 100% accurate identification.

Growing Conditions for Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans)

This is a hardy perennial that likes well drained soil and moderate light. It will crumble in full sun, but 4 hours of sun a day and partial shade and you are doing well. This plant spreads, so give it some room when you plant it! It likes water on hot days but other than that moderate watering is fine.

Where to Get Pineapple Sage Plants
Herb Cottage
Sage Seeds

Pineapple Sage

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I’ve been growing this plant for few years up in MN (zone 4). Didn’t know they even flowered until I potted one and brought it inside over the winter…our season isn’t long enough to promote the blossoms here but if brought indoors they will (late Oct – Dec)….I’ve been saying this flower is my favorite food for two years now…