More Heart Attacks?

the-rickYou know I am all about focusing on solutions and how we can continue to work with nature to heal ourselves and take care of each other.

Every once in a while though, I have to dredge up the dismal news. It helps us remember why we work to create a nourishing kitchen culture and use herbs and spices to shore up our family’s health.

So even though it’s dismal, I think you want to know what the FDA is now saying.
This is information that EVERYONE needs to know about, please check it out and share it.

I mean it; everyone needs to know what is going on.

If you are like many people, taking an Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or Aleve for cramps, headaches, joint pain, every day aches and pains is just what seems normal, I mean everyone else is doing it……..

And the advertisements make it look like it’s the best thig to do to take care of yourself………

Oh, you mean this stuff can be life-threatening? It does what???

Well, the FDA has told these over the counter drugs that it’s time for some new digs, its NEW LABEL time.

The new labeling requirements for these painkillers are:
“The risk of heart attack or stroke can occur as early as the first weeks of using a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). The risk may increase with longer use.”

So here’s what the FDA also says: Take the minimum effective dose for the least amount of time”

Click here to read it straight from the FDA

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Break it down, that means, try not to take them. If you have to take them, don’t take very much and don’t keep taking them.

Again, a big difference in messaging compared to what you see on the screen ads.

Turns out they’ve known about this risk for a while. Since these over the counter medications are so widely used, they decided that the public needs to be aware of the downside of taking these anti-inflammatory medications.

Of course this warning doesn’t address the dysregulation of the gastro-intestinal flora that happens when you take these over the counter medications. Much less how disrupting the gut flora increases inflammation in the body….. But let’s leave that conversation for another time.

Right now, let’s just grock it. Medication can save lives and it has a tremendous capacity to increase the quality of life in certain situations.

However, let’s not teach our kids that over the counter medications are the first thing to reach for when it comes to every day common ailments.

And, let’s develop a ‘get to the root of the problem’ approach to our health instead of quick symptom suppression that it turns out has the potential to take us down a much more slippery path……….
Share this information with the people you love.

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I’ve heard more than a decade ago that NSAIDs are counter-recommended for the elderly. It appears not to be common knowledge among doctors who are treating the elderly. My husband who is 75 just got an NSAID recommendation from his doctor for the sore throat he had from the flu. Acetaminophen is recommended. Unfortunately elderly may have chronic pain conditions and medicine is the primary thing recommended.


Yes, and the problem is that sometimes taking them gives immediate relief from such things as SI joint issues and bursitis that keeps you awake at night. So far golden milk isn’t helping, unless my one cup a day isn’t enough. Finding holistic guidance isn’t easy when you’re insurance is for modern practices (Tricare for retired military). Their solution is to send me to a pain management specialist that resorts to injections that only last a few months. It’s tough to navigate natural medicine in the modern treatment environment.


Do medications like Tylenol – or acetaminophens – also have similar risks…? Kami, do you know of any FDA news on that that you’ve seen..?


The FDA is not my favorite…and I am surprised that they are finally admitting to this. So this is a step in the right direction, in other words working towards a solution to the Pharmaceutical problem, good for the FDA. Now if they could continue this as we know this is not the only over the counter drug that creates more harm than good. I am not even talking about prescription drugs which kill much quicker. The FDA needs to be accountable instead of being in bed with Big Pharma.