Herbal Medicine Making Resources

Here you have it! My comprehensive list of Herbal Medicine Making Resources. All of my contacts, resources, favorite suppliers, special deals and whatever else you need to create your own herbal remedies and medicinal foods!. Making your own botanical medicines and healing foods is healthy, empowering and fun. I love getting together with a few friends and making a batch of body care products, winter remedies or digestive tonics.

Reading about how to use herbs is great, but making medicine with them is how you embody your experience about what you are learning. I learn new things all the time when I start mixing everything together. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to use and give foods and medicines that are created with my own love and appreciation.






Ayuverdic Herbs

Bayan Botanicals
Resource for Ayuverda and premium quality organic & fairly traded Ayuverdic products.


I have dozens of baskets, all shapes and sizes that are used primarily for drying herbs in. You want something with a tight weave so the plants can breathe but won’t fall through the cracks. My favorite baskets I have found at Goodwill.

Base Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs
They have a wide variety of high quality base oils.

Bulk Herbs & Ingredients

Wild Weeds
Supplier of bulk fresh-dried organic herbs, medicinal herbs, gruit ale herbs, herbal supplies, herbal essential oils, tea, herbal teas, herbal oils, salves, herbal facial and body care, aromatherapy bath products, herb books, potpourri, herbal extracts, vegetable oils, beeswax, clay, glass bottles, plastic bottles, tins, labels, and funnels.

Mountain Rose Herbs
Bulk herbs, botanicals and seasonings strictly selected from the finest harvests and meticulously reviewed and analyzed for herbal product that is so fresh, colorful, and fragrant you can’t help but to smile.

Monterey Bay Spice Company
Monterey Bay is a great source of herbs and spices. They have lots of information about each plant and they have great service.

Starwest Botanicals
I have been sourcing my herbs from Starwest Botanicals for over 20 years. They are a reliable source for your herbal medicine making.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op
Since 1976 Frontier has provided high-quality, ethically sourced herbs and spices. I rely on Frontier for many of my class supplies and love their herbs.


Beeswax From Beekepers
Here are some resources for beeswax. Your best bet though is to find a local beekeeper that will sell the beeswax to you. Go to a farmers market and see who is selling honey and ask for referrals. Most of the beekeepers in an area know each other and will be able to tell you who has beeswax. Have you ever thought of keeping a beehive yourself?

From Nature With Love
From Nature With Love is a wholesale supplier of beeswax and other natural ingredients used in skin care, hair care, aromatherapy, massage, spa products, herbal preparations, soap making, potpourri and candle making.

Hive Harvest
Beeswax from the Pacific Northwest; lightly processed to ensure the most natural highest quality product.

Bottles, Jars, and Packaging

Burch Bottle & Packaging Incorporated
Burch Bottle & Packaging, Inc. has been providing packaging for over 35 years, providing glass, plastic and metal packaging components.

Container and Packaging
Mason jars and all shapes and sizes of food and herb packaging bottles and jars.

E Bottles
High quality plastic and glass bottles for healthy living creations.

New Directions Aromatics
Supplies for essential  oils and natural remedies.

Heat shrink temper evidence bands for packaging products.

Specialty Bottle Co.
Jars for just about every herbal project you can imagine.

Vision Paper
Kenaf, non tree product paper.

Cotton Muslin

Cotton muslin for straining tinctures and oils and pouches for herbal bath bags


Fabric Direct

Gifts International Inc.

Muslin Bags

Paper Mate

Paper Source

Chines Herbs and Supplies

The Oldest Supplier of Acupuncture Needles
Moxa and cupping supplies.

Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.
If you look under books for laypersons you will find a great selection of books that distill Chinese medicine concepts for your health.

Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm
Domestically grown, organic Chinese, Ayurvedic and other Asian medicinal field grown herbs and seeds.

Local Herbs
Medicinal Herb Consortium (MHC), a nationwide group of Chinese herb grower.


The Felco Store
I use my Felco clippers that I have had for 15 years for chopping fresh leaves and stems.

Corona Clippers
I use some bigger corona clippers for chopping fresh roots.

Essential Oils

Liberty Naturals
This is a good source for your essential oils. They distill their own lavender essential oil from their organic farm. If you buy in a larger quantity, they have good prices. Get together and put in a bulk order with several friends.

Mountain Rose Herbs
I love this company, I love their business ethics, their ecological awareness and how they support community herbalism. They have a good line of essential oils

Simplers Botanicals
This a wonderful essential oil company that I have been ordering high quality essential oils from for many years. I rely on their lavender essential oil.  For over 3 years they have been sourcing fair trade, f therapeutic quality, certified organic essential oils and herbal extracts.

The Essential Oil Company
I like working with essential oil companies that are committed to connecting with and working with the farmers that grow the herbs for the oils. I am impressed with the integrity and commitment of this small company.

Fermenting, Sprouting, Dehydrating Supplies

Body Ecology
Probiotic starters for making kefir, sauerkraut and more.

Gem Cultures
Some of the best cultures available in the U.S., including starters for kombucha, tempeh, kefir and sourdough.’

Everything for sprouting and dehydrating.

The Raw Food World
Excaliber dehydraters, Omega and Champion juicers, sprouting and fermenting supplies.

Vinegar Connoisseurs International
How to make vinegar.

Flower Essence

Flower Essence Services: Bridging Body & Soul
High quality California and Bach flower essences.


The Henna Page
How to do henna, henna supplies and everything you ever wanted to know about henna.

Herb Grinders

Cooking Supplies
Cooking.com has just about any kind of coffee grinder, hand grinder, mortar and pestle, juicer or blender that you could ever want.

Coffee Grinder
Any electric coffee grinder will do for powdering small quantities of herbs.

Osterizer Blender
I use an Osterizer blender for making oils, grinding and powdering herbs and making herbal foods such as pestos. This is a great tool, and all regular sized Mason jars fit to the Osterizer blender. It is easy to replace parts if you need to.

Mortar and Pestle
Everyone needs a mortar and pestle.

Herbal Tinctures

Eagle Peak Herbals
Family farm and medicine making company in pristine northeastern California. High quality tinctures and oils.

Great Cape Herbs
A family farm that carries lots of organic bulk herbs, single herb extracts and tincture formulas.


Quill has all size labels for the Microsoft Publisher program, the laminate sheets and other colored labels.

Brown Kraft Labels

Current Labels
Inexpensive labels in bulk

Labels on the Fly

Superior Labels
Inexpensive labels in bulk

World Label

Pots and Cooking Equipment

Double Boiler
Double boilers for some reason can be a little hard to find. They are the best for making salves, ghee and any product that involves heating oils.

Mason Jars
I use mason jars for storing most of my herbs in. I also use them for drinking tea from. Look for the Mason jar that has a handle on it. All you your regular sized Mason jars fit onto your Osterizer blender.

Canning Pot
For making large batches of teas, steams and hydrosols.

Shelving and Cabinets
As you begin making your medicine you will find that pretty soon you are taking over the kitchen and possibly other common areas of your house. Clean out a cupboard, drawer or set up some shelves in the pantry so you can keep all of your herbs and medicine making supplies in one place that is easy to access. If possible, it is nice to have your herbal pantry or shelves near your kitchen. I often cook and have herbal projects going at the same time. I have a dresser drawer and keep all the dried herbs in the drawers.


Digital Kitchen Scale
I have a Yamato DKS-3002 Digital Kitchen Scale. You can input that model number into the search box on this website. I have used this same scale for 20 years. It measures up to 5 pounds. It is small and I keep it in my kitchen for measuring out herbs for making oils and tinctures. There are also other more expensive Yamato models that hold more weight.  This scale sells for about $50, but it is sturdy and lasts! You can find cheaper scales in department stores or in the kitchen section of a hardware store.


List of 200 Organic Seed Companies
This is a great list of high integrity seed companies that sell seeds for flowers, wildflowers, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and vegetable seeds of all kinds.

Tincture Press

Herbal Tincture Press
This family makes good tincture presses in a few different sizes.

Horizon Herbs
Handmade tincture press created by an herbalist. This is for when you make lots and lots and lots and lots of tinctures.


Some of the best apple cider vinegar and other vinegars that you will find is from small organic apple growers that make their own vinegar. If you live near an apple growing region, often the farmers will form cooperative websites and you can call around to see who is making vinegar. Also you can ask around at the farmers market who the apple growers are.

Ha’s Apple Farm
Home made vinegars from the grower.

Organic apple cider vinegar.