Medicine Cabinet or What?

I am wondering if you can help me out!

I am trying to come up with what to call the medicine cabinet!

Here are some of the things I’ve come up with:

  1. Home Wellness Tool Kit
  2. Wellness Cabinet
  3. Prevention Cupboard
  4. Herb Cabinet

I kind of like Wellness Cabinet, but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “Medicine Cabinet’ does….

I mean what will you actually say? I am trying to come up with something that people will really use and say….

“Hey honey, go get some salve from the wellness cabinet, please?”

Would you say that? What do you say? What do you call those shelves that are full of your herbal medicines and natural remedies?

OK, so I also had the thought to just change my mindset on what a medicine cabinet is.

It doesn’t have to be the same medicine cabinet I grew up with, that had not a single natural remedy in it.

Maybe I can just stick with ‘Medicine Cabinet’ and know what ‘Medicine’ is for me……

What so you think?

SO…..I would LOVE to hear what you call that place that houses all your precious wellness remedies!

Which of the 4 titles do you like the best that I’ve listed above?

What do you call that place that you keep your natural remedies? Do you like medicine cabinet or do you have a different name….

OK, please leave a comment and tell me: which of the 4 titles you like the best and any other name you use for your ‘natural remedy cabinet’

Let’s NAME this thing!!

Medicine Cabinet

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Hello I’m Kami, Welcome to Living Awareness!

I believe every family needs to have someone on board with a working knowledge of natural remedies if you want to take care of your family’s health for real.

When I was growing up, natural remedies was not a mainstream concept like it is now, in fact, you are going to be surprised that I never even heard the word natural remedy until I moved out of the house!

In my early 20’s I met someone by chance that told me about holistic health and herbal medicine. I wondered why nobody had talked to me about it before and had a voracious appetite to learn everything I could.

Now, 30 years later I've helped thousands of people demystify the world of herbal medicine and become empowered in using herbal self-care in their home to prevent illness, take care of common ailments and protect their health naturally.

For 20 years I've had a clinical herbal practice connecting people with plants and their wellness. I've developed and taught herbal curriculum for UCSF School of Nursing and the Integral Health Master’s Degree Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Stick with me! You’ll learn awesome herbal self-care, get inspired to be more self-sufficient in your health care and nourish a deep love for the herbs and how to use them, knowing you are doing the very best you can to care for your wellness.

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Hi Kami, I just call it my “herbals”, kind of boring I know – but that’s just what I say, you know?

Barbara J Jentes

I like herb cabinet. It’s easy to say, and there’s no reason to say ‘wellness’ or ‘health’ since we know why we are using it.


I call mine the Herb Cabinet!


My place looks like the mad scientist lives here, including a small room that use to be an office. Now it’s full of my oils herbs and recipes as well as notebooks I’ve put together researching A-Z what the different herbs, oils/tinctures, plants etc do and can be used for. I refer to my new “Medicine Cabinet” as the Nature Closet” Again as with yours it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy as Medicine Cabinet but it’s getting easier as it’s used more! 😉

Angela Bates

I usually call it a medicinal or herbal store or storage.


I like herb cabinet. I call mine the mad scientist kit. Doesn’t roll off the tongue, but my family named it !

dee whitehill

Mine is just “the cupboard”. but with your discussion, I an considering nick-naming it “Herby”!

Hi Kami, We call it our wellness box. I once mistakenly said ‘medicine box’ and my older child who is terrified of anything medical completely backed out of the room and said something along the lines of, ‘No way mom, uh-uh, I am *not* taking any medicine’ and that was that. If I explain that I’d like to give him an herbal remedy or share something I made (or purchased, like hydrosol) to apply to his wound or cough, he’s so much more accepting of that approach. And you know, I just prefer the sound of ‘wellness’ since I feel… Read more »

We use general terms, as mentioned by others:), really like the ‘herby’ name mentioned. But I was thinking ‘USDA approved cabinet’ would be fitting. I’m sorry, it just came to mind and I couldn’t resist.

Dequa S

Little late getting here, but still wanted to join the fun! Magic cabinet is what I use. Grand girls know that “magic hugs” are full of love and so are the natural remedies. This brings added joy & healing for us. 🙂


I actually have an entire room where I keep all of my herbal supplies, among other things, and I call it my Magic Room


I like calling it, my herbal comfort cabinet. I have oils and many teas in mine. Thank you Kami, you are the best teacher.