Mallow: Eat Your Healing Weeds

Healing Weeds Mallow

Do you know this plant? Have you ever weeded it from your garden and thrown it away?

Well, those days are over. Meet Mallow, Malva neglecta to be exact. Mallow is the common name. Malva neglecta is the botanical name.

This is one of the most amazing, healing weeds on the planet.

From now on, instead of throwing it out, you will gather the seeds and try to get MORE mallow to grow in your garden.

If you live near a farm, orchard or animal barn you most definitely have seen this weed. It loves disturbed soil and thrives in animal pastures and orchards.

Harvest the leaves when they are bright green and full of vitality. You can harvest the leaves when they are small and just sprouting up or you can wait until the leaves are at the height of their growth.

This is one of my favorite vegetable weeds. Chop it up; put it in salads and soups. Use it instead of lettuce on a sandwich. Mix it with kale or chard and steam it. Add it to smoothies and green drinks. Make a tea with it.

Mallow is full of mucilaginous properties that help to soothe and heal the digestive tract. It helps to heal gastritis, ulcers and any gastrointestinal inflammation. Just add it to your diet on a daily basis for several weeks.

You don’t have to be sick to enjoy the healing benefits of this plant. It is one of the nutritive, soothing weeds that anyone can benefit from using.

I love to gather several large leaves, mince them into tiny pieces and sprinkle them over my dinner like you would parsley. Mallow is delicious this way sprinkled on rice, stir fries and just about any savory meal.

This isn’t a plant that you will find at the market, so you better start cultivating your weed patch!

Healing Weeds Mallow

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High Kami, this is very interesting that you like mallow. It has plagued my garden trying to take over everywhere with it’s long tap roots. Trying to pull it out with the long tap root requires digging. I knew some of the mallows were medicinal, but the mallow neglecta seemed like such an aggressive weed. I’ve heard before that when a medicinal plant comes in your garden like that, it is coming to help you with a problem you may have. If I start harvesting the leaves, it will probably lessen the amount that’s taking over and help me too… Read more »
lisa M

What a great post! I had no idea mallow was that useful! Thanks for writing this…..I’ll be looking for it this summer.

Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday last week! I’d love it if you’d stop by and link up again this week!


Ursula Noeker

Hi, I live in Germany, and it would be great if you could post the latin name of that plant. If I look up mallow in my online dictionary, I see various plants named mallow, and since I’m supposed to eat it, I’d like to know what I should eat. Remember, the Internet is international. 😉


Thank you, Kami! Do you know where I could buy some seeds? What about Malva Sylvestris, does it have the same properties or not? I buy organic greens from a vendor at our farmer’s market, but I have never seen malva sold there.

Hi there, I am so happy to see this post about Mallow; we actually cook it very often in the Mediterranean Middle East… Easy appetizer and so delicious, not to mention the benefits we get from this herb… we sauté finely chopped onion in olive oil for five minutes, we add chopped Mallow, (it should be a big bunch of Mallow for they shrink with cooking), add finely grated garlic and chopped coriander. Cook for ten minutes, don’t cover the pan. We eat it cold with pita bread, we garnish the plate with well fried onions, and top it with… Read more »

oops, I forgot to mention the salt and peper, they should be added at the end.


You are most welcome dear Kami…. It’s my pleasure.


Yes and sorry for the mistake, this appetizer tasts much better with a sqweez of lemon.


[…] Mallow: Eat Your Healing Weeds […]

Sweet T

Can Mallow be grown anywhere and any climate>? thx


That looks like creeping charlie. Is creeping charlie a mallow?

moses omukunda

amazing we are integrating medicinal herbs .how can l see full picture of healing plants

Athena Blitz

I, too have it in an old garden and hv been trying to choke it out! Thank you for enlightening me❣️