How to Make Lavender Hearts

CAUTION: You might find that you are no longer satisfied if you don’t have time to make lavender hearts, so think twice before watching this video.


Haha, just kidding, but seriously. This is one of my go- to stress busters.

What is your de-stress strategy after your busy day?

At the end of the day, I get out my little basket of hearts and start sewing. It’s the way I tell my body that we are done for the day. Moving the needle back and forth through the fabric, my mind starts to let go.

The oils from handling the lavender enter my blood stream through the skin and I start to relax and soon the to-do list that seems to occupy my brain just drains away. (Just a note, if you don’t like sewing, this won’t have the same effect on you). But even if you don’t love sewing, this is still a great family project.

The thing I love about herbalism is that there are so many directions you can take to bring it to life in your home.

Herbal sewing projects aren’t just a major de-stressor for me, they are one of my favorite ways to work with kids using plants.

Kids, teenagers and young adults, they are all at risk for reaching for that over the counter medication to take care of fill in the blank.

The sooner and more creative we get with teaching them how to work with the plants, the better off they are going to be.

Sewing is one of my first loves, I grew up hand stitching, crocheting and embroidering with my grandmother. I spent a lot of time sewing with her and to this day it is a very soothing and healing part of my life.

Herbs are also one of my first loves, so guess what? It is amazing how many ways I’ve figured out how to combine herbs and sewing!

I especially love my lavender hearts…

In the lavender heart tutorial, you’ll learn a simple herb filled project that kids really enjoy. Well, not only kids but I have also converted lots of moms into lavender heart lovers.

They are so soothing to make and for me can be very therapeutic.

When my dad died, I just couldn’t stop myself form sewing. A few days after his death, I was sewing hearts and an entire song came to me that I sang when we scattered his ashes.

During the weeks after his death, I made made more than 100 lavender hearts, all colors and sizes. I kept them in my purse and just gave them to people everywhere I went. You know how every neighborhood has a cat lady… I guess that would make me the crazy heart lady…

With the holidays right around the corner, try making up a bunch of lavender hearts and giving them to everyone you gather with during the coming months. It probably won’t surprise you how much people enjoy them.

Have fun!



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Thank you so much for this lovely ‘feel good’ craft Tami! Absolutely delightful for everyone.


I love this idea. Such a great activity for a rainy afternoon with the grandkids. Thanks for sharing. (I too like to include a little surprise in packages I mail. This will be my new addition with gifts)


Why not just use felt?


These rock! Thank you so much. I don’t grow my own lavender. Is there an inexpensive source for it that you would recommend? Tx, Kami!


enjoyed making some for xmas. thank you so much. totally enjoyed. x


My MIL recently passed away and she always creating lovely treasures with her hands. These remind me of her. I can’t believe I never asked her to show me how to make these, but now I know. I can’t wait to wash some wool. Thanks for showing us. ~ Many Crafty Blessings.