Herbal Cherry Chocolate Treats

I try to eat right, move my body and take time to relax.

Every once in a while though, I just want a treat!

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Time to plant your garden!

We have gathered this list of seed companies that sell high quality, organic, non-gmo seeds. This is a great list of high integrity seed companies that sell seeds for flowers, wildflowers, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and vegetable seeds of all kinds.

Orange Peel Herbal Remedy

Do you love oranges? Once they come into season we enjoy their delicious, juicy flavor almost daily.

What do you do with your orange peels?

Eat your orange and then break the peel up into quarter sized pieces. Fresh orange peels are delicious in herb waters, add them to soups and stews or slow cook them with chicken or duck. Grate fresh orange peel into cookies and breads or add a zesty flavor to sweets and desserts.

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Do you love or hate cilantro? If you love it, you are in the right place!

I am definitely in the “I love cilantro” camp. I love to eat it and I also love to inspire others to use it in their culinary endeavors.

Let me inspire you to use cilantro!

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dandelion Plant

I see people pulling their dandelion, cursing it, kicking it and spraying chemicals all around it.

What people don’t know is that this jagged edged green weed that causes them so much trouble is a powerhouse healing herb full of worthy nutrients.

Most everyone could prosper from the high content of Vitamins A, C and E that this herb imparts.

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You are going to love this recipe!

It is easy to put together and is so versatile in its uses.

I mix up a quart of this at a time and it doesn’t last long!

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I love corn season, it usually means more time with friends, BBQ’s and warm summer nights.

When you shuck your corn for the next summer evening meal, save the corn silk!

You can brew up tea with the fresh corn silk or mince it into small pieces and add it fresh to your salad.

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Spiced Honey Tea Living Awareness

This is such a simple home remedy! Happy Tummy Honey takes very little time to make.

It preserves well and tastes delicious.

It is the perfect remedy to have on hand for whenever you have an upset stomach or feel like you just haven’t digested a meal that well.

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Healing with Herbs

Listen in to this lively conversation with Kami McBride and An Organic Conversation: Healing with Herbs: The Wisdom of Ancient Remedies.

Do you want to feel more empowered in your understanding of how herbs work in the body?

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne pepper is a spice that many people have in their kitchen.

It is an ingredient listed in chili and spaghetti recipes and people use it to spice up their veggie dishes and casseroles.

Cayenne is also an amazing home herbal remedy.

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Lavender season is here and there are lots of lavender farms to visit!

How about a vacation where you bop from one lavender farm to another!

From Arizona to Pennsylvania people are in love with lavender. Fields and fields of  lavender growing and being harvested and made into multitudes of crafts, food items and natural remedies.

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Make Your Own Herbal Bath Tea Bags

Using bath tea bags is the easiest and most convenient way to get healing herbs into your bath tub.

Bath Tea Bags are made with dried herbs. I have a large jar full of them in the bathroom cupboard.

Grabbing a bath bag is part of setting up for bath time at our house. My family members get out their towel, pajamas and a bath tea bag before settling into their healing routine of the evening bath. Bath tea bags are easy to create and make great gifts.

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