Healing Bath Salt
Bath salts are so simple to make! This recipe is the most basic bath salt recipe without any herbs or essential oils added to it.

The salt and baking soda alone are very healing. This mixture helps to draw stress and tension from the body.

It is the perfect addition to your nice hot bath to help wash away the day.

Arugula pesto sandwich spread recipe

Pesto is a highly medicinal food, comprised of several servings of vegetables, loads of antioxidants and a plethora of anti- microbial properties.

People often limit their pesto indulgence to basil season; well there is more to pesto than basil.

For every season there is an herb for your pesto.

Garnish with Parsley

My grandmother didn’t teach me a lot about herbs but she frequently garnished our dinner with parsley and whenever we ate at a restaurant she made us eat the parsley garnish.

She said that it was the healthiest thing on the plate.

Since most lunches at her house consisted of Velveeta cheese and white bread sandwiches, she was right.

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Cold and Flu Tea Recipe

When people around you start getting sick, you can drink 3 cups of this tea a day for several days.

The Echinacea root will activate your immune system.

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Rosemary Pesto Recipe

I love rosemary pesto because rosemary is an herb that you can get fresh all year long. I harvest fresh rosemary from my large rosemary

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