How To Make Herbal Bath Tea Bags

“Try different Herbal Bath Recipes in your Bath Tea Bags. Keep them in an air tight container in the bath area or give them as gifts any time of the year!”

Bathing is more than getting the dirt off; it is a ritual with water. Bathing often marks the beginning or ending thresholds of the day and we take baths before dates or special occasions. We bathe for spiritual purification and to calm our mind and relax.

Our water rituals are enhanced as we bring in the physical and spiritual properties of the herbs. Use rosemary and sage to invigorate your morning wake up bathing ritual, sprinkle chamomile and lemon verbena in your bath water to mark the end of the day.

Soak your body in rose petals when you want more love and beauty in your life. Make herbal bath mixtures for each season, reflecting the needs of your body during different times of the year.

I love herbal bathing because it is a powerful therapy that is easily incorporated into our busy lives. Everyone washes with water; it really is not that much extra effort to throw some herbs into the routine.

I bathe in herbs almost daily and feel that my herbal bathing rituals are an extremely important part of my preventive health care plan and my spiritual practice. If you do not have a bathtub, maybe it is time to remodel your house!

Herbal baths are a great tool for introducing herbal therapies to children or for getting herbs into people that do not like to drink tea. Not everyone will drink herbal teas, but most everyone would like to take a break in a warm tub full of aromatic flowers.

Using bath tea bags is the easiest and most convenient way to get healing herbs into your bath tub. Bath Tea Bags are made with dried herbs. I have a large jar full of them in the bathroom cupboard. Grabbing a bath bag is part of setting up for bath time at our house.

My family members get out their towel, pajamas and a bath tea bag before settling into their healing routine of the evening bath. Bath tea bags are easy to create and make great gifts.

How to Make Bath Tea Bags
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  1. 2 tablespoons calendula blossoms
  2. 2 tablespoons chamomile blossoms
  3. 2 tablespoons lavender flowers
  4. 2 tablespoons rose petals
  1. Make your own bath tea bag by putting four tablespoons of dried herbs into a sock, old piece of T-shirt fabric, cotton muslin tea bag or just about any kind of tightly woven cloth. Use string or a rubber band and tie the cloth shut to make a sachet/pouch/bath bag with the herbs in the cloth
  2. If you are using more than one herb, put the dried herbs into a bowl. Mix them together well, then put them into the fabric
  3. Secure the fabric tightly so the herbs don’t spill out
  4. Hook or loosely tie the little sachet of herbs under the tub spout so the water will pour through your home made bath tea bag as your bath fills up
  5. Once your bath is drawn just let the sachet of herbs float in the tub. Squeeze the bath bag several times while you are in the bath. Breathe in the scent and watch the water change color
  6. Remove the Bath Tea Bag when you are finished with your bath Herbal bath tea bags can be used three times within about four days. If the wet pouch sits around longer than that it gets moldy. We use the same pouch for three days in a row then remove the herbs
  7. Rinse the herbs out of the pouch. Wash and dry the material that you used to make the bath tea bag and re-use it
  8. You can make your own fabric pouch for your bath tea bags and tie them with string or a rubber band.
Living Awareness Institute
Bath bags are a wonderful way to share your love of herbal bathing with others. You can make 25 of them at one time. Put them in a decorative jar with a label and instructions and give them to your family and friends. I have been giving bath bags away for years and everyone loves them.

You can put one herb into each bath bag, or you can mix several herbs together and put them in the bag. The section on herbal bath recipes will give ideas of what herbs go well together.

If you are using purchased cotton or muslin pouches they come in different sizes. The small size holds about 4 tablespoons of herbs. We use this small size and also a medium sized one that holds 6 tablespoons of herbs. There is really no rhyme or reason as to which one we use when.

The medium sized pouches are more expensive, but then you get a little more herb in your bath tub. Try both and see what you like.

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Karen Barkman

I love these ideas! Will keep them in mind when my grandchildren come over to make Christmas gifts for their mom!

Deborah A Fradelizio

Kami, Thank you so much for the reminder to take an herbal bath! what a great gift to yourself! Love, Debbie