How to Make Healing Skin Salve

I love salve. I use it on every part of my body. My husband and son use it on their bodies. We slather it on after we bathe, before bed, when we get up in the morning or when we go out in the sun, rain, wind or snow.


We put salve on any part of our body that is red, sore, itchy, dry, cracked or uncomfortable. We also just rub it on to moisturize and nourish ourselves.

A little salve is like applying a Band-Aid of love. You can kiss the ‘owie’ and then tap it with a little bit of salve to make it all better. I love salve.

I know, what an image of a greased up family! Truth is, when our skin is nice and moisturized, we feel better and therefore are nicer to each other. Ha ha. No, Really!

Did you know that moisturizing the skin calms your nerves? Keep Calm and Use Salve!

You are cordially invited into the sensational world of salve making.

Salve, a source of self- empowerment that frees you from hundreds of products and gimmicks because you know just how healing salve can be.

Salve, a place where you feel connected to a remedy that you fashioned with your own heart and hands.

Salve. Wherever you go you carry the generosity of a personal medicine that can help with more than you ever imagined it could help with. You offer simple assistance in a complicated world. _MG_7027 Why do I love salve so much?

Is it because I have always loved plants and flowers? Is it because I was just smitten with the idea that I could make something myself that could help people? Is it because I love to experiment and mix things together?

I admit, I was the mud pie making child. We lived directly above a creek that ran swift and wide in the winter. The banks of the creek were my childhood playground. I constructed every concoction possible with mud, sand, roots and creek muck. The consistency of salve is a little like creek muck, don’t you think?

When I was introduced to the wonderful art of working with my garden to bring healing to my family, there was no turning back. I had an insatiable thirst to learn everything I could about herbal remedies.

My parents insisted that I finish college, so I did. They thought I was going to get a real job after they paid for 5 years of university. Instead I became a self-ordained fanatic salve maker. Ha ha.

Anyway, sort of the long way of saying that I hope that you enjoy this simple Healing Skin Salve recipe. It is infused with many years of comfort and healing that is now yours to share.


  • 1 ounce olive oil by volume, (measured in a measuring cup)
  • 1 tablespoon grated beeswax
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil

How to Make:

Supplies needed:

  • Olive oil
  • Grated beeswax or beeswax pearls
  • Double boiler or two stainless steel pots
  • Measuring cup
  • Spatula
  • Salve container
  • Label



1) Grate the beeswax into medium shredded pieces. Think of when you grate cheddar cheese, if you use the smallest holes on the grater, it just gums up the grater. Use the medium holes just like you would if you were grating cheese. You can grate the beeswax with a cheese grater or purchase the beeswax already cut into small pearls.


2) The beeswax pearls are denser than grated beeswax, so the measurements vary depending on which type of beeswax you add. I use a heaping tablespoon of grated beeswax to a scant tablespoon of beeswax pearls. Basically, my recipes are made for home grated beeswax, so just use a little less if you are going to use the already prepared beeswax pearls that can be purchased.

3) A double boiler has a top pot that fits into a bottom pot. Put water in the bottom pot; put the top pot on the pot with water in it and bring the water to a boil. (Say that five times.)


If you don’t have a double boiler, just make one up. Put water in a pot and then put another pot that fits on top of the pot with the water in it.

4) Put the beeswax in the upper pot and melt it.

5) Slowly add olive oil a little at a time until the oil and beeswax melt together.


6) Remove the pot from the heat as soon as everything is melted together. Make sure that you do not overheat the oil. The oil should never be too hot to put your finger into.

7) While mixture is still hot, pour it from the pot into a measuring cup.

8) From the measuring cup pour mixture into glass salve container.


9) After the salve begins to cool, but before it hardens, add lavender essential oil to the salve.

10) Let the salve jar sit on the counter until the salve has hardened, then put the lid on the container.

11) Take a moment to think about what you will use this salve for. Think about whom you might give it to and how it could help them.

This is called adding love and best wishes to your salve. The extra added ingredient that heals. You can’t buy that in the store.

Enjoy your Healing Skin Salve!






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Hello I’m Kami, Welcome to Living Awareness!

I believe every family needs to have someone on board with a working knowledge of natural remedies if you want to take care of your family’s health for real.

When I was growing up, natural remedies was not a mainstream concept like it is now, in fact, you are going to be surprised that I never even heard the word natural remedy until I moved out of the house!

In my early 20’s I met someone by chance that told me about holistic health and herbal medicine. I wondered why nobody had talked to me about it before and had a voracious appetite to learn everything I could.

Now, 30 years later I've helped thousands of people demystify the world of herbal medicine and become empowered in using herbal self-care in their home to prevent illness, take care of common ailments and protect their health naturally.

For 20 years I've had a clinical herbal practice connecting people with plants and their wellness. I've developed and taught herbal curriculum for UCSF School of Nursing and the Integral Health Master’s Degree Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Stick with me! You’ll learn awesome herbal self-care, get inspired to be more self-sufficient in your health care and nourish a deep love for the herbs and how to use them, knowing you are doing the very best you can to care for your wellness.

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Great recipe. I would love to win the book and supplies!

Kristen Fogarty

Can’t wait to try this! Looks wonderful! Thank you!

Shiela Dunn

I also love salve! I made a rose salve and I have been hooked on salve since!


Love salves, too. Hope to win the book and supplies, also.

amber oliver

Love it! A new book for my collection + ingredients? I’m in!

Erica Ricky Kennedy

I love learning anything new about all things herbal. Thanks for your many recipes and how-tos.


I’ve never grated beeswax before, just used the pastilles, this looks so rewarding I can’t wait to try this salve for my little family!


What a simple recipe with BIG benefits. Thank you, Kami.

Deb L

I would love to try this salve. 🙂

Tammy M

Love all the information!!!

Tammy M

Love all the information, beautifully set up!


Great recipe and blog thank you

Cindy M

Looks very easy

Lauralee W

Would love to try this!


i am so excited to read this book! I love salve and my kids do too!


I am in desperate need of salve, I have the worse skin around my fingernails. Currently I’m just rubbing almond oil into the cuticles.


I am super excited to try this! I am slightly (way more than slightly, actually) addicted to Chapstick so I’ve been looking for an all natural alternative. I think this will work. Thanks!!


Love salve. Beautiful post and I love the jars!

Pam S

I have VERY dry skin. I am 61 years old and I always have! Noiw it is getting worse. I am anxious to try this!

sherry O

Thanks I have been experimenting to with salves and yours is a simple one to make, my thing for doing them though as with my kids we go through a lot: I infuse herbs into the olive oil for about a week then strain it and put in dark jar so I can quickly make up just about any combination that I want as needed.

my kids favorite is done with plantain, candula,heal all, then add in essential oil, sometimes I use the lavender and some times I use tea tree oil. Am I adding to much into it?

Sherry O

Thank you Kami.
I am trying to learn more out of necessity as I have such and issue with preservatives and artificial colorings.

is there anything you should not combine together in the herbs?

sherry O

Kami I have another question that I think would be of benefit for others that are interested in experimenting with salves.

are there any healing herbs that should not be combined?

Denise Passero

Looks easy. Cannot wait to try it!

Megan's Cookin'

Would love to make some healing salve!


Thank you for the recipe! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog, thanks for sharing!!


This recipe would be amazing with Manuka Oil in it as well. Great antibacterial oil. I keep that as well as Manuka honey in the house all the time!


As a newbie, it’s great to find simple recipes to learn with, and then build on and customize. Thank you!


Would love to learn new herbal recipes. And the supplies would be a bonus!


i am going to make it and know will be delighted to usde

Kathryn M

I have planned to make a good healing/nourishing salve… This is a timely post and giveaway :~)


Lovely pictures, inspired to make some salve! Tallow would be a great addition I think.


It’s always a great feeling to be able to care for yourself with natural items that you make for yourself and know you can trust them.


Love herbal salves. Can’t wait to try this!

Victoria Richards

New to making my own natural products. I think this is a wonderful recipe. Would love to win this giveaway, so I have all the things I would need to make up a batch of salve. Thanks for the opportunity… my fingers are crossed.


I’m going to try my hand at making this salve. I’m new at this but have been itching (pun intended) to learn the “how to make” process. Thank you Kami for sharing your recipe and method!


Love your blog, Kami!


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Hi I like this recipe, but I have a question about the recipe. Is there a way I can substitute the beeswax with anything else?
Thank you!


I’m just starting to go herbal. I have celiac disease and you will be surprised where gluten hides (over the counter meds, prescriptions, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc) really looking forward to future blog posts.

Lisa Harris

Thank you for this recipe! I love making balms and salves and this is a nice addition to my recipe book.


Sounds good I must try it. Thank you!
I always wanted to order the essential oils, and also the pomegranate seed oil from Mountain Rose Herbs, is very hard to get in Toronto nobody carries the pomegranate seed oil in Toronto I’ve try every health food stores. But you don’t deliver in Toronto I wish you did.


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I just need some beeswax, and ready to make my own salve! So simple the recipe and so healing!!


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Hi I am a dialysis patient we tend to have itchy skin due to high phosphorus levels. The itching at times can run a person nuts some of scratch so much we damage our skin so Im always looking for anything natural to sooth the itching and also heal the skin, do you think this would be good for that?