How to Grow and Use Chives

Old European lore talks about hanging bundles of chives in the home to ward off evil spirits.

Well, chives do chase away colds that can feel pretty evil sometimes.

Like garlic, chives contain the antiseptic properties of sulfur which exterminates bugs that don’t belong in your body.

Chives are in the same family as onions and garlic which are well known for their therapeutic actions. Chives boast many of the same healing benefits celebrated in garlic, some of the most notable are circulation stimulation and lowering blood pressure.

The Many Benefits of Chives

Chopped ChivesChives contain plenty of vitamins A and C and are a powerful anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant herbs help protect your cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals.

Free radical damage can contribute to heart disease, cancer and pre-mature aging. Eating chives helps to mop up the free radical cells in your body that can be caused by stress, pesticides and environmental toxins.

Chives are an anti-cold and flu remedy that can easily be included in every day meals. Take advantage of the abundance of anti-bacterial properties and use chives in excess during cold and flu season. 

Gardening tips: Chives like full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil with moderate watering. Plant chives in the early spring at about 10 inches apart. If you plant them in rich, compost soil, they will grow faster than if you plant them in poor soil. They tolerate poor soil, but just don’t produce as quickly.

Chives tolerate frost and once established they just grow and grow and eventually you have to divide the clumps and plant them in other areas of the garden. This herb can sometimes take its time getting started, but it is worth the wait, because fresh chives are a cooks’ companion.

My husband reserves chives for that special place on top of the sour cream and butter in his baked potato, but they are one of the most prolific herbs in my garden so I put them into everything. Their peppery-onion flavor adds a zing to just about any savory type dish. Often dried chives take the place of salt in our dinner. Their high vitamin C content is another reason to use them as a general condiment.

Use them Fresh!

The secret to getting the highest nutritive value from your chives is to avoid cooking them. Add chopped chives to vinegar, oil, ghee, pesto, dried sprinkles or garnish your food with fresh or dried chives just before eating. We have a condiment shaker on the kitchen table that contains dried chives; it is a delicious sprinkle for eggs and salads.

How to Grow and Use Chives

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I love using herbs in and on everything I would like to learn more about how to use herbs ever where in my life. The kitchen and the medicine cabinet. Thanks for the help and info.


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E. Thai

I love using herbs in my cooking. Recently, I repotted a friend’s chive plant, and it is doing very well. I’m going to use it in lieu of green onions.

Jacqueline Moon

My daughter heard chives are no longer edible after tey blossom…is this true?


I have chives plant it is beautiful I enjoy and just this year I shared some with a friend and told another I would share some of the plant with her. I love to see it when it blooms so pretty