What Flower Reminds You Of Someone You Love?

The first spring flowers to arrive in our yard are camellias and calla lilies. I love these flowers, not only because they are beautiful, but they are the two flowers that remind me of my grandmother, Nana, June McBride.

“What plant do you smell that takes you straight back to a memory of someone in your life?”

She had beds of calla lilies and large camellia bushes in her yard. She always had a camellia in a crystal bowl on her table and vases of calla lilies in the kitchen. I can’t see either one of these flowers and not think of her.

This is one of the healing medicines that the plants give to use. Their scent and their beauty remind us of the people, places and experiences in our lives.

What plant do you smell that takes you straight back to a memory of someone in your life? What flower reminds you of your mother? What tree, plant or flower reminds you of your childhood, or a place you used to live or a relationship that you had?

Camellias again, are big for me. I look at them and I think of my grandmother and then I think of her impact on my life. She taught me how to sew, needlepoint, knit, crochet, clean, be kind to others, take care of the people around us.

She taught me manners and to trust my intuition. She always said that you could look into someone’s eyes and know if they were telling the truth. Best of all she got me dancing! Could that woman jitter bug! To this day, I love dancing and crafting. Part of why I fell so in love with herbalism is because of how creative of an art it is.

June McBride planting trees 1970

Her teachings are with me every day of my life. So when I see the camellia I think of her, but I also feel her legacy in me, the flower also reminds me of who I am.

My great grandmother loved orchids, gardenias are my mom’s flower; I can’t see a snapdragon without thinking of my grandfather’s gardens. I could go on…..

I know you’ve heard the saying, stop and smell the roses….. I would like to say, stop and behold the flowers of your memories.

Spend some time with them. It is amazing how much emotion and feeling can come with sitting with the flowers. Take some time; sit with the flowers of your memories, your loved ones, your ancestors…

The flowers bring healing with these memories. What flowers are your healers?

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Gardenia definitely reminds me of my mother. I love the scent of Stargazer lilies, jasmine and Meyer lemon flowers.


It’s amazing how a flower can invoke connections to past loved ones. I have a peony flower in my garden I’ve written about. I was hesitant to share it but after reading your words, I felt inspired to post it! Thank you for that! Here’s the link if you would like to read it at http://www.daniellekaren.com/2017/04/meet-alice/


My mother mostly enjoyed rose and iris gardens. She had hundreds of each, all different and she knew them all by name. She took meticulous care of them and proudly displayed them in the house in numerous vases throughout bloom season. What a blessing to our family. I definitely smile when I see a rose or iris because I think of her. I myself have a few dozen and am so amazed by how many colors and varieties there are. Blooms of any kind are miracles to me.