Let’s talk about your menopausal journey, the power of herbal self-care and how you can engage a simple home herbal technique that can help you

Pregnant Read This

Are you pregnant?

Do you have a pregnant friend or family member? Maybe you know someone that is trying to have children?

Ina Mae’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina Mae Gaskin is by far the best book on birthing. I buy 10 copies at a time and just give them away to friends, families, acquaintances and even strangers that are going to give birth.

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Women have between 350 and 500 periods in a lifetime. Time to do some math!

If your monthly period is five days long, each year you spend 60 days menstruating.

You spend 1 ½ or more years out of every ten years of your life bleeding. If you bleed from the time you are twelve years old until 52 years of age, you can spend four to five years or more of your life shedding menstrual blood!

Purslane Superfood

Do you have this plant growing in your yard?

Do you weed it out every chance you get, cursing it for taking over your lettuce bed or your garden in general? Why does it get so darn big you wonder? Look at this plant? It is everywhere!

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dandelion Plant

I see people pulling their dandelion, cursing it, kicking it and spraying chemicals all around it.

What people don’t know is that this jagged edged green weed that causes them so much trouble is a powerhouse healing herb full of worthy nutrients.

Most everyone could prosper from the high content of Vitamins A, C and E that this herb imparts.

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You are going to love this recipe!

It is easy to put together and is so versatile in its uses.

I mix up a quart of this at a time and it doesn’t last long!

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Real Boys Eat Greens

This is my son Gabriel, he is 9 ½, he likes to eat. Just how much he likes to eat was apparent in a recent conversation he had with a school mate.

Gabriel and his friend were playing in the living room and they asked each other the question, “What is your favorite thing to do?” His friend started talking about how she likes to ride horses, go camping and play with her cousins….