After we made this video, my video guy, Dakota, had a giant smile and his face. He said, “Wow, that lavender is so amazing, my

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What is the Big Deal about Dandelion? I mean really, what is the big deal about this weed that grows in every lawn? It doesn’t

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Not that I don’t ever drink coffee, because I do. Especially on the weekend if we go out to our favorite café or when my

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Plantain Natures Band Aid

Have you seen this weed? Of course you have. In the park, the lawn, growing between cracks in the asphalt, on the side of the

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Herbs for Vibrant Health really means, “Do you want to have more energy at the end of the day?” The most common complaint I hear

Healing Weeds Mallow

Do you know this plant? Have you ever weeded it from your garden and thrown it away?

Well, those days are over. Meet Mallow, Malva neglecta to be exact. Mallow is the common name. Malva neglecta is the botanical name.

This is one of the most amazing, healing weeds on the planet.

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Pregnant Read This

Are you pregnant?

Do you have a pregnant friend or family member? Maybe you know someone that is trying to have children?

Ina Mae’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina Mae Gaskin is by far the best book on birthing. I buy 10 copies at a time and just give them away to friends, families, acquaintances and even strangers that are going to give birth.

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John McBride Quote

This is what my grandfather; John McBride had to say back in the day:

“The Problem with children these days is they don’t spend enough time in nature”

As the first Parks and Recreation Director of Solano County he decided he had the power to do something about this problem.

He created a nature camp for kids and named it after the creek that it was held on. Camp Ulatis has been going strong for 50 years at the Pena Adobe in Vacaville, California.

In the summer of 1966 it cost $15 to send your child to Camp Ulatis all day for two weeks solid. Camp had two overnight campouts that included cook-offs and camp fires complete with songs, skits and pranks.

edible pineapple sage

I love my hedge of pineapple sage.

It blooms in December and brings the beautiful red throated hummingbirds to my porch each day.

The deep healing red that fills my yard is so nurturing and inspiring. I love having these vibrant red flowers greet me each day as I open the front door.

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Herbal Holiday

It is time to eat, drink and be merry.

Have you ever gone to a holiday party and just been so disappointed in the amount of sugar, sodas and junk food that was there?

I love celebrating life and the changing seasons with friends and good food. Sometimes though, you just have to BYO to make sure you have something healthy to eat and drink.

star anise and cinnamon

The holidays are here. This time of year brings more family gatherings, festivities and feasting.

Unfortunately cold and flu season follows hot on the heels of the holiday season.

The good news is that many of the spices that we pull out of the cabinet this time of year help to prevent colds. Enjoy this wonderful time of celebration and connection but make sure to support your winter wellness by spicing up your food a bit more.

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Christmas Tree Herbal Tea

Did you know that many of the evergreen trees have healing medicinal qualities?

Decorating the Christmas tree is an ancient tradition from a time when various trees and plants were honored during different seasons.

In northern Europe the evergreen tree is celebrated at around the time of winter solstice.

The festivities of decorating and dancing around the evergreen tree were held in the deep of winter when there was very little plant life and the ground seemed like it would never thaw out.