There’s something just waiting for you to use it…….. Something that’s collecting dust in your very own kitchen. You may be surprised to learn that

I see this again and again and you’ve probably heard me talking about it a time or two What we put in our bodies really

As Farmers Markets bustle with people and burst with produce, so does Nature show her most abundant side. This hour is devoted to the identification

Come watch me dance around one of my favorite edible weeds…….. I hope you can find purslane growing near you, if not, I have a

People are always asking me what books I recommend or what herb book to start with. The answer used to be simple, there were only

medicinal herbs

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to prevent colds before cold and flu season even started?

How would you like to use your garden to cure insomnia, increase digestion, enhance your energy and take care of aches and pains?

Growing your own herbal apothecary provides us with what we need to take care of ourselves and our families in a low cost way

Time to plant your garden!

We have gathered this list of seed companies that sell high quality, organic, non-gmo seeds. This is a great list of high integrity seed companies that sell seeds for flowers, wildflowers, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and vegetable seeds of all kinds.

dandelion Plant

I see people pulling their dandelion, cursing it, kicking it and spraying chemicals all around it.

What people don’t know is that this jagged edged green weed that causes them so much trouble is a powerhouse healing herb full of worthy nutrients.

Most everyone could prosper from the high content of Vitamins A, C and E that this herb imparts.

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Healing with Herbs

Listen in to this lively conversation with Kami McBride and An Organic Conversation: Healing with Herbs: The Wisdom of Ancient Remedies.

Do you want to feel more empowered in your understanding of how herbs work in the body?


Lavender season is here and there are lots of lavender farms to visit!

How about a vacation where you bop from one lavender farm to another!

From Arizona to Pennsylvania people are in love with lavender. Fields and fields of  lavender growing and being harvested and made into multitudes of crafts, food items and natural remedies.

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