Have you ever taken the road less travelled? Well, that is what I did on this very spot and I never looked back The California

“What else do you think we should stir into the pot on this conversation about Foundations of Home Herbalism?” Recently I got this question: “Kami,

We asked you: What’s your biggest challenge in making food your medicine and which 3 culinary herbs would you like to hear more about. Want

How do you take care of your skin these days? Do you ever look on the back of your container of skin lotion? –> Benzylparaben

Do you ever wish that the people you live or work with would be a little more into health? Do you ever find yourself doing

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Sheri Frey from Arbico Organics talks with Kami about How to Use Your Organic Gardening Sheri: Good morning. I just have fallen in love with

My friend Jeanette Fransen is on it. I am so amazed by her work and how dedicated she is to uncovering the truth in helping

Herbal infused oils are the most used natural remedy in my household. When I first started studying herbal medicine many long years ago… making herbal oils

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I am wondering if you can help me out! I am trying to come up with what to call the medicine cabinet! Here are some

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I love local herb shops! They are sometimes the most interesting store in the town! Full of local remedies, consciously wildcrafted herbs and handcrafted natural

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Wild Drinks and Cocktails! I love this book. Enter the contest below and you could win your own copy! You’ll have some fun with these

I’ve been helping people unlock the secrets of their spice rack for over 25 years now and I’ll tell you what…I’m still always learning new