What is the Big Deal about Dandelion? I mean really, what is the big deal about this weed that grows in every lawn? It doesn’t

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Not that I don’t ever drink coffee, because I do. Especially on the weekend if we go out to our favorite café or when my

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Rosemary Thyme Sprinkle

Are you wanting to use herbs more in your life, but feel like you don’t have the time to learn about or make herbal remedies?

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Herbs for Vibrant Health really means, “Do you want to have more energy at the end of the day?” The most common complaint I hear

Fennel Electrolyte Tea

Not the most enticing blog post, but sure is useful information….

Nothin’ like a touch of food poisoning to have you cutting deals with your maker about how you swear you will be a better person, be kinder, eat healthier, love your family more…..

From 1:00 am until the sun came up, one violent wave after another emptying every last bit of anything left in my belly. No, this wasn’t an average throw up fest, this was, “Get it all out and now”.

black pepper corns in a pile

Of all the herbs that have traveled the globe to enliven our palate and improve our health, pepper is the herb that has been elevated to ‘Every Table in America’ status.

The omnipresence of this spice is astonishing; you find it conveniently packed and ready to use everywhere you turn; airline meals, the fast food drive through, packaged lunches, fine dining establishments, outdoor concerts, hotel meeting rooms, cafeterias, gas stations and truck stop joints.

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Sage Home Remedy

Winter is here.

Along with the celebrations, the holidays herald in cold and flu season.

Preventing and limiting the duration of colds and flu is a household art that has a big impact, especially when it comes to avoiding the use of antibiotics for winter sicknesses.

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Herbal Holiday

It is time to eat, drink and be merry.

Have you ever gone to a holiday party and just been so disappointed in the amount of sugar, sodas and junk food that was there?

I love celebrating life and the changing seasons with friends and good food. Sometimes though, you just have to BYO to make sure you have something healthy to eat and drink.

Christmas Tree Herbal Tea

Did you know that many of the evergreen trees have healing medicinal qualities?

Decorating the Christmas tree is an ancient tradition from a time when various trees and plants were honored during different seasons.

In northern Europe the evergreen tree is celebrated at around the time of winter solstice.

The festivities of decorating and dancing around the evergreen tree were held in the deep of winter when there was very little plant life and the ground seemed like it would never thaw out.

ginger tea with lemon

Cold and flu season is here.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to prevent a cold before it takes hold? This tea is our go to tea when we feel like there is some cold and flu grunge in the air.

Healing Holiday Spices in a Basket

With the holidays fast approaching pumpkin pie and spiced lattes are on the horizon.

Holiday meals call for more spices in our food.

Whether adding nutmeg to Eggnog or cinnamon to family tradition cookies, this is truly the time of year when we reach into the spice cabinet a little more often.

fresh rosemary in basket

  How to Make Rosemary Tea – Video (Press Play Below) Are you still using tea bags for your morning or afternoon tea? That’s o.k.,

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