Sheri Frey from Arbico Organics talks with Kami about How to Use Your Organic Gardening Sheri: Good morning. I just have fallen in love with

I’ve been helping people unlock the secrets of their spice rack for over 25 years now and I’ll tell you what…I’m still always learning new

As Farmers Markets bustle with people and burst with produce, so does Nature show her most abundant side. This hour is devoted to the identification

Healing Weeds Mallow

Do you know this plant? Have you ever weeded it from your garden and thrown it away?

Well, those days are over. Meet Mallow, Malva neglecta to be exact. Mallow is the common name. Malva neglecta is the botanical name.

This is one of the most amazing, healing weeds on the planet.

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edible pineapple sage

I love my hedge of pineapple sage.

It blooms in December and brings the beautiful red throated hummingbirds to my porch each day.

The deep healing red that fills my yard is so nurturing and inspiring. I love having these vibrant red flowers greet me each day as I open the front door.

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medicinal herbs

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to prevent colds before cold and flu season even started?

How would you like to use your garden to cure insomnia, increase digestion, enhance your energy and take care of aches and pains?

Growing your own herbal apothecary provides us with what we need to take care of ourselves and our families in a low cost way

Old European lore talks about hanging bundles of chives in the home to ward off evil spirits.

Well, chives do chase away colds that can feel pretty evil sometimes.

Like garlic, chives contain the antiseptic properties of sulfur which exterminates bugs that don’t belong in your body.