“I’ve helped more than 1000 of my students clear out the cobwebs, deconstruct the cultural premise that says this isn’t real and helped them successfully

  “The problem is that when we focus on only using the intellect with our herbal studies, without a doubt, the information is harder to

“Come follow along and we’ll mix up an awesome curry blend and then turn it into some even awesomer (is that a word?) medicine that

“I went on my very first herb walk when I was 8 years old.” There is something that happened on that walk that is still

“Turmeric gives the energy of the divine mother and grants prosperity.” -Dr. Ladd For many years’ the turmeric lay dormant in my cabinet in the

Do you use turmeric? You probably do, especially with all the delicious golden milk recipes out there now. Even google has a report about the

“It’s true there are 100 ways to make turmeric milk.” I don’t think I’ve seen one recipe that is exactly the same. That’s right, herbalism

Let me ask you, do you herbally leverage your bathing time? (I know, I am not sure anyone has ever put this combination of words

“Try different Herbal Bath Recipes in your Bath Tea Bags. Keep them in an air tight container in the bath area or give them as

“Steeping your body in a bathtub full of medicinal leaves and flowers is more than pampering; it is preventive medicine” Herbal bathing is relaxing, enjoyable

Have you ever taken the road less travelled? Well, that is what I did on this very spot and I never looked back The California

“What else do you think we should stir into the pot on this conversation about Foundations of Home Herbalism?” Recently I got this question: “Kami,